E-Commerce with SAP Hybris - the great solution for your online success

You need innovative, powerful and intelligent e-commerce solutions - either in the area of complex B2B requirements or for new and innovative buy and brand experiences in B2C commerce? Then we as experienced SAP Hybris agency are your partner.

E-Commerce and Online-Shops: Medienwerft in Hamburg is your SAP Hybris specialist.

By the merger of SAP Hybris and SAP, new chances but also challenges in multi-channel commerce are created in the market. In this regard, it's important for us to build a bridge between business processes through application and technology level and at the same time to offer creation, design and strategy for successful e-commerce with SAP and SAP Hybris.

In the matter of SAP Hybris experienced, well positioned and networked

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As a Silver Partner of SAP Hybris we have access to the strongest portfolio of multi-channel commerce solutions on the market. Herewith, we can guarantee your requirements from consulting, conceptual design to implementations and maintanance. To support you with additional expertise in the combination of SAP Hybris and SAP projects, we additionally formed a partnership with the Lynx Consulting Group. For SAP Hybris projects that require more manpower at short notice in the area of programming, we work together with our partner eCube GmbH.

What SAP Hybris offers you

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SAP Hybris is a system for multi-channel e-commerce platforms, that was specially developed to profitably and efficiently offer and sell a particular wide range of goods. As modern platform based on open standards, SAP Hybris stands for enterprise software and on-demand solutions for the areas of e-commerce, multi-channel commerce, master data management and order management.

With SAP Hybris we can offer you a comprehensive solution for the integration of product content and sales. Based on this you can offer your customers a consistent and seamless buying experience - online, as well as in stores or on mobile devices. Maximise with SAP Hybris your cross-selling and upselling potentials and increase herewith your sales. With the innovative features and secure transactions which characterize the system, you facilitate a pleasant online buying experience and increase customer retention. Furthermore, SAP Hybris enables you to easily create and manage sites. Herewith, you are able to meet the requirements of different markets.

Well advised from the beginning

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Medienwerft already focussed on the optimisation of order processes in e-commerce at an early stage. With SAP Hybris you are in control of the entire selling process, from selection and ordering to all steps of the order fulfillment. As part of our SAP Hybris consulting we attach great importance to the planning phase. Together with our customers we define the required and desired functionalities and features of the software.

Not only well advised – also well implemented

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As your SAP Hybris agency in Hamburg we implement the system together with you, as well as all all further steps that are needed for the evolution of your online shop. With us you can be sure that you will always achieve the best results on your SAP Hybris solution.

SAP Hybris und SAP

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By the merger of SAP Hybris and SAP, new chances in multi-channel commerce arise. With its modern and flexible platform and numerous functionalities, SAP Hybris becomes interesting also for customers which up to now relied on a seamless integration of previous systems like SAP E-Commerce or SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM). In this regard, it's important for us, to build a bridge between business processes through application and technology level and at the same time to offer creation, design and strategy for successful e-commerce with SAP and SAP Hybris. Thanks to our strategic cooperation with the SAP specialists of the Lynx Consulting Group, we are able to optimally support you in very complex challenges when switching from SAP to SAP Hybris.

We support you in the selection of the suitable license model

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The licensing of a SAP Hybris environment is based on a module concept, which means, that licenses are calculated according to the processor cores of the employed servers. Depending on the server equipment and your requirements, a basic module can be sufficient. Else, you need a further module for process support, which you will license each additionally. So before we answer the usual question "How much does the car cost?", we should find out together which requirements related to your Product Information Management (PIM), the periphery which surrounds the system and generally your IT infastructure, exist.

Also important – what will change?

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If you already employ SAP Hybris and you need consulting or support for the visioning, we are happy to advise you. Basically it applies, that SAP Hybris offers its license holders a considerable range of instruments. These are based on the same modern technology. Both B2B and B2C commerce solutions of SAP Hybris have a standards-based development framework which can be expanded and adapted easily, to meet your very specific requirements. Also here it depends on your requirements if you switch to the current version, or in the medium or long term to the newest version. We are happy to advise you.

One competes, but where?

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As a highly experienced e-commerce agency we are experienced in comparing a wide range shop systems. Of course our customers ask us about our personal favourites. For us comparing shop software systems like Magento, SAP Hybris, Intershop or Demandware is easy. The question, which one is better, depends on your requirements. From the 100% customized shop through off-the-shelf that can be purchased or rental software to open source solutions, the different systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Based on your requirements, we would be happy to provide you a quick or an in-depth analysis which shows you chances and options how you can further optimise you multi-channel reatiling.

Hot topic: Forrester about SAP Hybris

In the current study „The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Delivery Platforms“ from the 3rd quarter 2014, Forrester Consulting names, as a worldwide leading research and consulting company, SAP Hybris as one of two pioneering companies, that addresses the current developments of uniform, open service delivery platforms and refers to the SAP Hybris commerce suite. The study can be viewed online and is also available for download.


Do the Commerce-Check – our free brief analysis!

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You would like to know how you can take advantage of the merger of SAP and SAP Hybris? Contact us and we will do the commerce-check for you - our free brief analysis of your e-commerce offering. In a persional conversation we will show you your chances and options, how you can further optimise your multi-channel retailing. Send us your enquiry today!

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