TYPO3Free CMS plus paid pro = It all pays off!

You can now find many free Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market. Practically no other is as highly developed as the editing system TYPO3, however. On the one hand, this is a result of the very large community of developers and administrators. On the other, it is also because there are reliable and professional agency partners who know the current level of development, know what is currently possible and practical and: are also available if the aim is to implement individual solutions on a TYPO3 basis profitably.

Medienwerft Hamburg – your experienced TYPO3 specialist.

If it's open-source Content Management Systems that you want, TYPO3 is the obvious choice. As your agency for TYPO3 websites, Medienwerft Hamburg offers you a comprehensive service from the very beginning.

Just a little TYPO3 – many people can do that.

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With around 500,000 users in German-speaking countries and its over 5,000 extensions, TYPO3 is popular because it is easy to use without knowledge of programming, above all. Implementing TYPO3 requires experience and expertise, however. The service is tailored to the individual needs of your company, and you support our TYPO3 experts in achieving successful and trouble-free installation. From the development to programming and comprehensive customer service, we integrate a custom-made solution for you.

The best of all worlds – e.g. also responsive

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We know that: your customers should be able to benefit from the numerous TYPO3 functions on all common terminal devices or you have a system-related requirement that needs to be included. We already plan to include – if requested – all output variants in the conception of your TYPO3 solution. This means that you can be certain that all the functionalities will also be presented optimally on responsive and mobile websites. If special interfaces are involved, our TYPO3 and IT specialists also have ideas for solutions.

It's about more than is there

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Are you interested in economic success, practical ideas in connection with content and commerce and further development of your business as a whole? With the experience of many successful customer projects, we are not only a competent contact partner in the implementation. In advice and consulting, Medienwerft is also your reliable IT service provider for TYPO3 projects. Completely oriented to your requirements and wishes, we can present to you the TYPO3 features with all their details and discover together how you can use this CMS most profitably for yourself.

Put us to the test!

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If you're looking for the perfect team from IT, conception, creation and advice for your TYPO3-based communication, you should get in touch with us. If you have a challenge, we'll take it up.