Brand awareness and sales success are not mutually exclusive – at least not if you work with us

Short-term sales success is commonly at the expense of the brand value often established over years. At least this is what we are often told. We are of the opinion that it is possible to maintain a brand's reputation without neglecting the laboriously mastered intricacies of online commerce. And this is not just an opinion; we have already proven this for our customers in numerous projects.

Medienwerft Hamburg – Brand-driven sales promotion

We understand the term "brand-driven sales promotion" to include the consideration of the entire chain of potential influences, which we use in intelligent E-commerce and E-branding measures for retail and brand manufacturers. In doing this, we not only protect the intensive relationship with your existing customers, but also create valuable stimuli for successful sales. Our many years of experience, well thought-out integrative concepts and comprehensive research and analysis tools help us to strengthen your brand AND your range of goods in the long term.

It is a matter of balance

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Where simple performance marketing often achieves the best figures, it is unfortunately often followed by that morning-after feeling. Short-term success is indeed nice, but only sustainable communication helps you and us to progress in the longer term. Our approach to brand-driven sales promotion involves establishing a well-balanced mixture of communication measures in an integrative concept and implementing this consistently day-to-day. The outcome: Customer loyalty, increase in sales and continuity in online branding. If these factors are continuously covered, marketing and sales benefit in equal measure.

Enter the ring with our professionals

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Before the success comes the work. Brand-driven sales promotion is defined by teamwork. Our analysts, strategists and concept developers compare your marketing and sales requirements, define goals and from this they deduce a range of medium and long-term measures. When we have come to an agreement, our teams set about implementing the plan. Our many years of experience and extensive research and analysis tools then also help us to continue to optimize the course embarked upon "as we go along". Ultimately, good is always good, but we make it even better.

Is your brand worth more to you?

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Do you want success not only for your brand but also for your sales? Then we should get to know each other. Carry out our commerce check and discover the potential we could develop for you in an initial discussion.