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The complexity of communication channels is both a blessing and a curse for brands. Format requirements, style, tonality, technology; but also relevance, timing and activity levels vary. Whether umbrella brand or mono-brand, targeted digital brand communication is more important than ever. As true brand and E-commerce specialists, we have many years of experience in online brand management. Use us to achieve success.

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Authentic brand management involves the harmonization of the respective requirements of the communication channels with the requirements of the overall corporate concept. You cannot insist on high quality on the one hand while on the other hand advertising using discount banners for performance reasons. The correct combination of aspiration, sales goal and channel selection are of utmost importance. We are happy to help you communicate brand reputation and sales potential appropriately.


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In order for your brand to remain your brand don’t have to jump through hoops – nevertheless, your brand concept must be adapted to your preferred communication channels. Do you have to be on Twitter? If yes, what tonality do you want to use for your 140 characters? Are some of your target groups active on Facebook, but others not? Then it is advisable to adapt your campaigns bearing in mind the different needs of the target groups. It is important to understand the idiosyncrasies and advantages of each channel and yet to always convey the collective brand message.

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With our online brand management we bring your brand to life digitally in a targeted manner. This begins with a comprehensive analysis, which feeds into finely coordinated strategy development in accordance with your brand concept. We support you in generating new sales potential, monitor the competition if required and develop promising measures for your business with you.

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If you are looking for an experienced partner for your online brand management, you should get to know us. You have a challenge – we will take it on.