Looking good, ok! But you should feel good too

We place particular emphasis on a comprehensive, balanced user experience design. Ultimately, websites and online shops should not "just" look good - our team also ensures that users of our websites can not only navigate intuitively and shop easily but are also happy to come back. And that is more than just pretty.

Medienwerft Hamburg – User experience at its best

We have been gathering and developing choice knowledge of methods and practical skills in the modeling of user-oriented design concepts since 1996. The transaction-oriented E-commerce platforms we develop generate the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our image websites and information websites are target-based, ergonomic and also take into account emotional aspects.

What color is the button?

Keyword: User experience design | Intuitive navigation | Screen design | Interaction design

It is always the fine details that are crucial for the success of an online application or lead to interaction ending prematurely. For this reason our design team not only includes experienced screen designers but also interaction experts and information architects working together on the crucial project tasks. Answers to questions like "can’t we save ourselves an information level?" or "red or green order button?" have a direct influence on sales or access to important areas of content.

We don’t want visitors, we want regular customers

Keyword: Return rate | Loyalty | Dwell time | Regular customer | Usability

We place particular emphasis on simplicity when exploring a website or a shop, even if there are complex categories and filter mechanisms behind them. For this reason our user experience team works on lean navigation concepts, adapted to the device and visit status, and implements these in an appealing, creative manner. The background is clear: People who feel comfortable in their online environment and quickly find what they want to, are happy to return. So it is necessary to always consider emotional aspects too when designing interactive applications.

How can this be achieved?

Keyword: User ergonomics | Usability | User surveys | Prototyping | A/B testing

In order to design a website or a shop we must learn to understand how users see things, how they think and behave. So our design team has more tools available than just colors and fonts. Depending on the type and scope of the project, we also include usability tests and user surveys in the design. And the rule of thumb that the user must like the website still applies. We can also test this live using A/B tests, in order to achieve even better results subsequently.

This contact could change your life

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Are you interested in ergonomic, communicative and aesthetic issues that lead to actual figures? Then we should get to know each other. Discover the potential we could develop for you with an optimum user experience in an initial discussion.