The brand as an integrated entity:
Brand Synchronization

Given the growing number of communication channels - ranging from conventional advertising to online marketing, sales communication, sponsoring and press liaison - brand article manufacturers and distance sellers are increasingly called on to assess their communication areas, also in connection with E-Commerce.

In order to fully develop the power of brand communication in eCommerce it is essential to synchronize strategy and messages at every contact level.

With brand synchronization, Medienwerft serves its customers with integrated overall concepts that promote sales, as well as securing long-term reinforcement of the brand. Here we draw on every impulse that companies and brands generate in their communication for profitable use in connection with the relevant eCommerce applications.

We analyze every opportunity for communication and assess its viability within your applications. After all, customers always view a brand as an integrated entity. This means that every contact with the brand influences customer perception – directly impacting on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand awareness as a result.

Your benefits
  • Homogeneous brand presence
  • Use of all communication opportunities
  • Consistent dovetailing and interaction of communication
  • "One face to the customer"
  • Brand-appropriate eCommerce applications
We provide
  • Analysis and benchmarking
  • Consulting and strategy development
  • Integration concepts
  • Optimizing text for online communication
  • Campaigns, promotions, events