How to turn visitors into customers: Conversion rate Optimization

In simple terms, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who actually become customers. With a quit rate of over 90% on the first page of an eCommerce website*, it is clearly evident that virtually every eBusiness has enormous potential to increase its conversion rate.

The factors determining high conversion rates are diverse and have to be precisely identified in order to achieve the highly-desired increase in conversion. In addition to the optimization of technology and design, user motivation is especially important as a precondition for improving conversion rates.

Medienwerft supports online traders, brand article manufacturers and other companies in digital commerce by improving their conversion rates on a sustained, continuous basis - whether from advertising media to shops or from visitors to paying customers. We will show you the critical levels of purchase decisions and devise effective strategies for advancing your business success.

*Study ”Konversionsraten deutscher Onlineshops“ (Conversion rates of German online shops), Hightext Verlag 2009

Your benefits
  • Increased conversion rates
  • More effective customer acquisition
  • Improved traffic
  • Differentiation from competition
  • Reduction of quit rates
We provide
  • Analysis and review
  • Identification of weak points
  • Strategy development
  • Site and campaign optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B and multivariate tests
  • Reporting