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Medienwerft develops streamlined media solutions especially for e-commerce platforms with which you can reach users of all devices and generate even more interest in your offering. We call this responsive commerce.

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In the past the costs of designing, developing, marketing and running different channels ate up the budgets of those responsible for marketing and e-commerce. Our answer: a responsive strategy which uses a source system as a basis. Its layout automatically adapts to the requirements of different devices. The result: ONE optimized universal website for all channels. This is smart, makes economic sense and gives the customer an optimum, device-independent shopping experience.


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Due to the vast difference in the display sizes of desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones and TVs, often of up to 500%, until now there had to be layout-optimized websites for each. But at this stage the goal to develop a separate website for each output channel is not always economically viable. In view of the rapid development of online retail, offers with a universal, device-neutral output system provide longer-term economic competitive advantages. Medienwerft will advise you on using the right information technology and on the strategic requirements of your business, and will support you from concept to design through to operation.


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Whether it is economic, marketing-related or even just practically speaking – the advantages associated with the adaptation and use of responsive design in commerce are obvious. When maintaining only one system the operating costs can sometimes be dramatically reduced in comparison to operating different solutions. Typically the consistency of the corporate design can also be made uniform across all channels. In addition, standardized data output resulting from the use of responsive design can also reduce SEO administration expense. Redirect mapping, the configuration of indexing properties, multiple URLs and similar measures for maintaining different offerings are simply no longer necessary. The processes are easier, allowing more focus on the important tasks involved in running the shop or site.

How responsive is your commerce?

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Innovative e-commerce managers are already tackling the multi-device strategies of tomorrow. The focus is on specific requirements for usability, conversion, SEO and the crucial efficiency for commerce activities via PC, tablet and mobile.

In the Medienwerft "Responsive Commerce" management summary you can find out more about the current status of the industry and the demand for modern solutions for shop operators.

E-commerce decision-makers will find the following topics in the management summary:

  • Mobile vs. desktop browsing
  • Parallel operation of mobile sites
  • Comparison of current solutions
  • Case studies in figures
  • Responsive and operating costs
  • Search optimization (Google, SEO...)
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Do you want to successfully integrate responsive design into your e-commerce processes or optimize your current strategies? Do you need assistance with the design, programming and optimization of your platform in the responsive environment? In an initial discussion, let’s find out what potential we can develop for your brand communication.