First comes the brand,
then the "Like"
Your benefits
  • Cost-efficient communication channels
  • Presence in high-traffic portals
  • Reinforcement of digital brand reputation
  • Optimal supplementary measures
  • Reaching new target groups
We provide
  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy and concept development
  • Creation, production, implementation
  • Co-ordination and optimization
  • Reporting, statistics, further development

Social media can be used as an outstanding communication tool in a brand context. But to do this, an in-depth understanding of online communication is needed. And we have that. Our social media advisors, concept developers and online editors tell you how and with what tools you are effective in your activities with your brand in the social space.

Medienwerft Hamburg – Your experts for social branding

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, you don’t have to open a series of accounts just to prove you are keeping up with modern trends. Sometimes it is even not advisable to do this. Medienweft can show you ways to maintain and develop the value of your brand in the digital age too.

Listening is sometimes more important than speaking

Keyword: Dialog media | Service channel | Community management | Shareconomy

Institutions and brands that want to be active on the social web will quickly learn that in contrast to traditional media, it involves active dialog with their target groups. Direct feedback from communities is finding its way into what was previously "one-way" communication. We will show you how you can use the mechanisms of social networks for your brand, how your internet presence can open up new opportunities for dialog with your customers and how to incorporate what you hear into your communication. 

Comment, delete, share, ignore …

Keyword: Crisis management | Shitstorms | Feedback culture | Monitoring

The feedback culture is a challenge for brands on the social web. Be it via bulletin boards, retweets, messages or the comment function – brands must always expect negative responses from the target group. Our experienced social teams work with you to work out whether this is a gift, how to deal with it and also what advantages even negative posts bring. One thing is for sure, robust crisis management can even contribute to the development of a positive brand image.

I like someone else ;-)

Keyword: Sharing | Feed consistency| Monolog | Open mindedness | Editorial content

Social media communication forces brands and institutions to consider their communication editorially. It is advantageous to not only keep any eye on your own messages and news but also on what is happening in your own brand cosmos. A whole team at Medienwerft works on establishing how good, varied and target group-oriented social media communication can work for your brand. And for you too.