Enterprise UX Design meets Fiori – SAP becomes user-friendly

In today’s digitalised world, an optimal user experience (UX) is the key to a company’s success. Particularly in the area of enterprise software, UX transformation is a key factor for employee productivity and satisfaction. SAP is a pioneer of this transformation with its innovative Fiori user interface, which forms a clear contrast to the traditional SAP GUI.

The switch from SAP GUI to Fiori: a revolution in user-friendliness

The classic SAP GUI, known for its feature-rich but often perceived as unintuitive user interface, has been the standard for SAP users for years. In contrast, SAP Fiori represents a user-centred design philosophy that emphasises simplicity, efficiency and an appealing visual design.

While the SAP GUI works with a standardised interface for a variety of functions, Fiori offers a collection of apps that are tailored to specific business processes and are characterised by simple, role-based and intuitive user guidance.

Fiori Optimierung vorher nachher

This transformation leads to a drastic improvement in the user experience, as Fiori reduces complexity and increases efficiency at the same time.

Measurable success: the value of UX optimisations

The improvement in user experience resulting from the switch to Fiori can be clearly measured using key performance indicators (KPIs). Companies often report monetary benefits in the 6-digit range, resulting from higher productivity, lower training costs, improved data quality, reduced support requests and a general increase in efficiency in work processes. These measurable successes emphasise the high ROI that can be achieved by investing in an improved UX.


The implementation of Fiori brings significant advantages for companies

How much can your company save?

You will certainly be asking yourself how much you can expect to save if you optimise an SAP process in a user-centric way. You can get an initial impression by working with us to draw up a sample calculation using the SAP UX Value Calculator.

If you want to determine the potential savings when creating a sales order, for example, you only need to enter a few details such as annual salary, time required to complete the task or current training costs.


The result could look like this: UX Impact Einsparungpotenziale

Source: SAP UX Value Calculator

The importance of Enterprise UX

In the context of enterprise UX, it is essential to take into account the specific knowledge of the end users – professionals who have to work with the software on a daily basis. These end users are the actual stakeholders whose needs and working methods should be at the centre of the design. A successful enterprise UX therefore requires a deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements of professional users in order to develop solutions that are not only functional but also user-centred.

The UX transformation with Fiori marks a crucial turning point for organisations looking to a future where technology is seamlessly and supportively integrated into everyday working life. By focusing on the user and optimising their processes accordingly, companies can create an environment where technology is not only used, but harnessed to its full potential.

Medienwerft and FIS: your partners for UX transformation

Medienwerft and FIS are your ideal partners when your focus is on process optimisation with a user-centred approach. Our experts not only have extensive knowledge of Fiori and SAP, but also have deep insights into human-centred design. With their help, you can make the transition to an improved UX that not only fulfils the requirements of the modern business environment, but even exceeds them.

UX transformation with Fiori can be a complex endeavour. At the FIS Group, we know the right methodologies and workshop formats to optimise your SAP processes step by step in a targeted manner together with you. In this way, we avoid undesirable technical developments and create an environment in which technology is not only utilised but also valued.

Are you planning to convert to or introduce SAP S/4HANA, or have you already taken this big step and would now like to exploit the potential of a professionally designed, user-centred enterprise UX? Then get in touch with us!


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