More success on online marketingplaces – with FIS/TradeFlex and targeted marketing

From Amazon to Voelkner, business is successfully conducted on more than 900 online marketplaces (incl. country and domain variants). This makes online marketplaces an important sales channel for companies operating in the e-commerce sector. Find out how to integrate online marketplaces into your system landscape and thus increase the visibility of your brand here.

Ecommerce IT Marketing ‐ 11. November 2022

The aim of the integration is to ensure that processes are automated properly and that all the systems involved are integrated. The reason for this is obvious: consistent, fast and error-free processes form the basis of a successful marketplace business.
But the devil is in the detail: in order to automate sales processes easily and to ensure that the information exchange between the systems runs smoothly, a number of challenges need to be addressed in advance. To help with this, FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH – a part of the FIS Group along with Medienwerft – has developed FIS/TradeFlex, a suitable solution for SAP users.


Each marketplace is different and has different requirements. This applies not only to the preparation of product information, but primarily to integration into your own system. This is done via interfaces, which, on the one hand, are different for each marketplace and, on the other hand, are frequently changed by the marketplace providers.

For companies that already use SAP, FIS offers an optimal solution for linking the ERP system to online marketplaces: FIS/TradeFlex enables fast and easy connection to online marketplaces and is seamlessly integrated into the respective SAP system and process landscape while delivering a high performance. And this is with almost no personnel usage on the part of the company, because thanks to FIS/TradeFlex, the resource-intensive development of your own interfaces and the development of market-specific know-how is no longer necessary.

From placing products on marketplaces with the correct current availability, through to the automated sales process and possible cancellations, to offsetting open items in accounting, FIS/TradeFlex ensures simple ordering processes, shorter delivery times and uncomplicated returns and thanks to automated processes, these are so quick that customer satisfaction increases.

FIS/TradeFlex completely covers the sales process

TradeFlex targeted marketing

You can find out more about how FIS/TradeFlex works on the FIS product page.


Integrating your company into online marketplaces also brings many marketing advantages:

  • Increased visibility & traffic
  • Improved brand experience
  • Promoting your own products (sponsored brands)
  • Promotions and offers (store versions)
  • Optimal user experience
  • Improved brand image

Together with FIS, Medienwerft – a company of the FIS Group – has supported companies in increasing their success on online marketplaces with the help of FIS/TradeFlex.


To ensure success on online marketplaces, Medienwerft offers various services. When properly bundled, this results in a holistic solution that will make your business fit for future challenges.


  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Optimisation
  • UX/UI & conversions

Competition analysis

  • Keyword set creation
  • Analysis of potential

Connected marketplaces

  •  Amazon shop + ads
  • eBay stores hub
  • Zalando marketing service


The topic of online marketplaces offers promising prospects for e-commerce companies.

Online marketplaces have evolved significantly over the past ten years: in addition to marketplaces that focus on B2C business, numerous B2B platforms have emerged too. Your company is ready for future challenges thanks to the integration of FIS/TradeFlex for connecting to online marketplaces with the support of the FIS experts and following on from that, marketing measures supported by Medienwerft’s extensive expertise.


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