Marketing automation with SAP Emarsys – also suitable for b2b?

Marketing automation is almost standard in the B2C world. SAP Emarsys is one of the leading systems in this area. But what about in B2B? Medienwerft B2B and B2C specialists, as well as Emarsys experts, are now also successfully using Emarsys in the B2B sector. Here you can find out why it is worth considering marketing automation for B2B companies.

Marketing ‐ 16. January 2023

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Marketing managers in B2C and B2B face the same challenges overall: they are measured by the success of their campaigns and promotions, must always keep an eye on KPIs in all sales or promotions, and must react quickly and appropriately to changes – and this usually with limited resources.

This is where Emarsys comes in. The tool is geared to the requirements of operational marketing and with its large number of pre-set functionalities and significantly shorter set-up time, is of great interest to both marketing and e-commerce managers. As a KPI-driven system, Emarsys enables you to optimise marketing goals and business results through industry-specific analysis and use cases.

Most importantly, Emarsys places the customer at the heart of business processes and ensures that they can be approached as personably as possible at any time and in particular, throughout the entire lifecycle. This is because for firm customer loyalty, it is essential to know at all times where the customer is in the customer journey and how to optimally “engage” and activate them.

This 1:1 communication, which is particularly important in B2B with its complex products and specifications, can only be achieved with marketing automation.

The lifecycle of B2B products is often much longer and thus the relationship with the customer is too. Depending on the customer and the product purchased, onboarding, training, maintenance and service must be accompanied by appropriate communication chains.

In addition, ongoing up- and cross-selling in sales or accompanying services should be supported by marketing automation depending on the lifecycle phase in order to meet the expectations of B2B customers today.

In doing so, Emarsys creates the basis for personalised customer orientation across all channels. Contact with the customer takes place, when and where they want, via their preferred channels and according to their wishes.

Hendrik van Laaten
Managing Director of Medienwerft

Hendrik Kreisgrafik

A lot is planned for here. Emarsys offers shop operators options and industry-typical operational templates for marketing automation and campaigns. This means that campaigns can be quickly adapted and rolled out from within the system, even without IT know-how.

SAP Emarsys Access pre-built strategies and tactics

These number-based findings from the measures automatically flow back into the system and are available for further analysis and optimisation. The efficient and results-orientated structure enables the customer to be picked up at any point in their customer lifecycle. This enables the potential of marketing automation to be raised more quickly for larger groups of users.

Emarsys is thus the key to simplifying complex data requirements, achieving operational efficiency, and scaling highly personalised engagement across the customer experience.

The benefits of SAP Emarsys


Integrated Data Layer

Linking sales, product and customer data is the basis for creating personalised customer experiences. Omni-channel strategies and tactics.

The system provides pre-built, fully customisable and fast-to-deploy marketing strategies and tactics to simplify campaign execution.


Personalization Engine

Based on consolidated customer data with AI-based insights, sophisticated and personalised campaigns can be developed for all channels.


Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Cross-channel marketing is possible from a single platform without IT support. Unifying sales, product and transaction data with customer engagement enables efficient, cross-channel campaign coordination.


Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

Automating customer lifecycle management across all channels simplifies acquisition, increases purchasing frequency, increases order values, and improves customer loyalty.


Intelligence und Analytics

Intelligent reporting provides deep insights into marketing activities and customers, predicts campaign results and suggests proactive interactions.



Whether it’s Shopify Plus, Magento, Google, Facebook, Movable Ink or others – innovative connectors enable the easy integration of other ecosystem partners.

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For us, this is where the circle closes: the world of e-commerce, with its B2C-driven omni-channel platforms, is converging with SAP solutions for complex B2B digital sales models. We look forward to both fully realising and even expanding SAP Emarsys’s scope of services through our B2B expertise.

Hendrik van Laaten
Managing Director of Medienwerft

Hendrik Kreisgrafik

SAP Emarsys provides a platform for optimal personalisation, powerful cross-channel campaign management, and a comprehensive marketing automation tool. B2C and B2B companies can thus increase customer satisfaction and increase their turnover.

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