How does an SaaS design agency manage to maximise how a user experiences software?

Anyone who has ever worked in a job that requires highly specialised software has probably thought, “This needs to be much easier!”. However, if the user experience needs to be improved, this can lead to the results achieved suffering. That’s why it’s worthwhile for companies to invest in a cloud-based software or web app that was designed and developed by an SAAS design agency – this way you can be sure that both user-friendliness and joy of use have been thought of.

CX Design ‐ 18. April 2023

It doesn’t always have to be something ground-breaking, but simply a tool that streamlines processes in an organisation, saving resources and nerves. A tool for daily business that meets the exact needs that its users expect and that they will immediately love.

SAAS solutions are distinguished by the fact that they are offered by SAAS companies over the internet (as explained by the name “Software as a service”). Such online tools are used in the B2B sector, for example in HRM and CRM, but can also be used for B2B portals including complex dashboards. Employees from sales, production and logistics use such applications as well as teams in marketing, online marketing and customer service.

Because users spend most of their day working with these applications, ease of use is of enormous importance – only if users enjoy the tool and work efficiently with it, can growth and success be generated for the business.


Successful cloud-based software does not necessarily need innovative features. It is important that users EXPERIENCE and SEE, from the very first moment, that the software will make their work easier.

The web app should be so smart and easy to use that the user needs little or no training. The aim should be to give users the feeling that they are mastering the software in the shortest possible time – even if they are not a digital native.


Every professional agency for SAAS solutions knows that a modern and clear design that is intuitive is the key to success. As soon as B2B customers get frustrated with using the product, it doesn’t take much for them to change their provider and brand. Therefore, user-centric thinking is required.

What does this mean? To design software in such a way that it is loved by all users, the SAAS design agency needs to know users’ requirements – the more accurately, the better. In order to design the perfect SAAS solution, an understanding of what the user’s everyday work looks like (user scenarios) must be built up. This is the only way the agency can provide a tool that makes it easier for the entire team to work and thus become a real tool for accelerating processes. User research measures, for example in the form of user interviews, serve as a basis for this. Only when this phase is completed, can the design of the SAAS solution begin.


Joy of use begins with the appearance and operability of the interface. This is a challenge that requires experts who are not only familiar with user research, but also with the creation of complex design patterns for an intuitive user interface.

Unlike websites or a shop, software usually has to convey a great deal of information in a confined space. This information is often summarised in so-called dashboards – a strategy that allows users to quickly get started with their daily tasks. Ideally, such a dashboard maintains the balance between information density, easy-to-reach features, and a design with good scannability. In combination with good technical implementation, a solution is created that convinces with its ease of operation and good performance.

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To design the dashboard of such an SAAS application, it is essential that the experts in UX/UI design have excellent UX writing skills and are familiar with clearly structured micro-copy. Our CX team has expertise in best practice in software design patterns and extensive experience in the optical preparation of data for B2B customers. In addition to product design for SAAS, our experts are extremely skilled at Customer Experience.

Knowing your customers’ needs and the ability to leverage these insights to design highly intuitive user interfaces is key to your software being successful.  Contact us and we can inspire you with a digital solution that your customers will no longer want to work without.


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