Our concept developers are cooking to 360 degrees

Things here get really exciting, especially at the start of a new project. It begins at the joint briefing or right afterwards. Our concept team looks at your needs from every perspective, examining the circumstances and options so that it can develop ideas that bring spectacular results.

Medienwerft Hamburg – The best place for concepts.

Responsive commerce, app development, the social media challenge, shop concept, editorial site? Depending on the task, the right IT specialists, designers, copywriters and advisors join the concept development team from the start. This ensures that everything works correctly at the end – the actual beginning of the digital solution.

Well-briefed is halfway there

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One of the most intensive parts of the work is precisely defining the task. The medium is often mistaken for the objective. It might be the case that you don’t even need a banner campaign, a website, a viral to reach your goal, but rather something else entirely. That’s why our concept developers work together with you to determine what you would like to achieve. It may well be then that we can propose something that works even better.

From mind map to scribble to application

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Once we’ve defined the task and agreed on the initial, rough concepts, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. How is your application set up? How many steps are needed to reach the target? Which communication elements will be used altogether? This entails working with software or, back to the basics, “scribbling” with pencil on paper. The great thing is that, although this often looks dreadful, we’ll both now know what kind of volume and interaction framework we’re working with.

Discussions become screens

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As soon as we understand the detailed concepts we’re looking at, the concept development team works closely with IT Design and Consulting to make it happen. It wouldn't be the first time that it was discovered halfway home that something else is needed. The entire issue of content is very closely related to concept development here at Medienwerft. In the end, the content, message, design and function need to be covered as well as possible.

Going live & more

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Our concept development work continues to accompany the project as it goes live and beyond. Since many digital communication solutions function like editorial objects, it’s important to look beyond the official starting signal. This is where you benefit from the editorial expertise of our concept designers. You know what it takes to continue drawing attention after the “big bang”.

Bring us your brain teasers

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If you’re looking for exactly the right concept for your digital communication, we should meet. You have a challenge – we accept it.