For others, going online is the end of the job - for us that’s where things really get going

It’s really straight forward. Once you have an application up and running on the web, day-to-day operations have to be secured, quality guaranteed and maintenance costs minimized. Medienwerft will take care of maintaining your web application.

In addition, websites and shops have to be treated like editorial magazines. What are the new developments to report on? Where is more information required? Where should the content focus be at any given time? Momentum is important and updates should require minimum effort.

Even though others don’t like to talk about it, systems do sometimes have their imperfections. This is where Medienwerft specialists are proactive - they don’t wait until a customer reports a failure. Naturally, system or hardware updates have to be performed smoothly while the system is up and running. Our tools of the trade include performance optimization, data security, version administration and bug reporting systems. Our motto: never stop a running system!

Your benefits
  • Availability 24/7
  • Efficient management
  • Intelligent back-up
  • Superior security levels
  • Investment protection
We provide
  • System administration and maintenance
  • Proactive standby
  • Performance optimization
  • Partner-status development systems
  • Availability of qualified specialists