Ah, you’re on the road at the moment? That's totally normal!

How many users access your shop, your websites or your other digital channels from on the road is no longer the issue – there are a lot of them and that won’t decrease. There are two clear lessons to be learned here: 1. You should offer mobile communications solutions. 2. This area continues to hold real development potential.

Medienwerft Hamburg – Your specialist in the development of mobile e-commerce and communications solutions

Medienwerft has been dealing with outstanding digital communications solutions since 1996. During this time, we’ve naturally added the overall topic of mobile solutions for ourselves and our customers. We now work with numerous specialists who’ve done their homework with regard to everything from app programming to responsive e-commerce, right the way through to media technologies that work on any end device. We’re always good when it comes to mobile commerce and the optimal networking of the various media channels of a broadcaster.

Yes, we like apps – especially those that offer added value

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What would mobile communication be without apps? We develop them right here in-house. The things we find really important in this respect are the effective design of interaction, availability among systems like Android and iOS, and above all, the usefulness connected to the app. The way we see it, sometimes app development also means advising you against it and suggesting a responsive solution that may offer you a greater return over the long term. But it depends on your task. And that’s what counts.

You can also be mobile on the sofa

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Mobile apps only work the way they’re supposed to when they’re attuned to the target group and utility. That’s why concept development plays such an important role for us in mobile apps. Even though it sounds really mobile, many users shop from their sofa or their bed. Others, in turn, only need small bits of information between the bus and their office. This is where we do our homework together with you, so that in the end, what appears on the little display is what is wanted.

Are you under end device stress?

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Would you like to add mobile aspects and/or app development to your communication? Have you already started, but now you need some advice with respect to the next big step? As your specialist in the development of holistic mobile communications solutions, we’re there to help.

The benefits to you
  • Positioning in the growth market
  • Additional communications channel
  • Adaptation of your content to the market
  • Adaptation of your content to the market
  • Ideal for use in CRM
What we offer
  • Developing creative app ideas
  • Consulting and app concept development
  • Drafting and screen design
  • Programming
  • Implementation and marketing