The main thing about technology - it has to work, plain and simple

Innovative technology defines virtually all our solutions - whether front-end or back-end. Whatever technology we use - it works.

At Medienwerft "time to market" is not just a buzz word. We believe that the only way to secure long-term success is to implement eCommerce applications and online brand management swiftly and intelligently.

That is exactly what Medienwerft does by using agile software development methods (e.g. SCRUM), ongoing research, customization, integration and process optimization. At the same time we maintain independence in our choice of technology products.

For the front end, we develop graphic user interfaces, efficient functionalities, powerful database links and easy-to-manage content management systems. Our bread-and-butter front-end programming tools include: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Actionscript 3, Flex, audio and video streaming, Drupal, TYPO3, RedDot, Facebook-API, iPhone SDK etc.

At the back end, Medienwerft acts as an IT service provider. Its primary task is the conception, development and integration of web-based solutions in customer back-end systems, whether this involves booking systems, customer databases or inventory control systems. We are able to ensure the highest level of investment security by harnessing ongoing research and development and by applying state-of-the-art software development methods. Our software solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into existing system landscapes and grow flexibly as required.

For Medienwerft in-depth expertise in operating systems (such as Unix, Windows, Linux and MacOS), networks, databases (such as Oracle and Sybase) and programming (Java, WebObjects, C#, C++, Objective-C, Xcode) are a given.

Our priority is implementing the best possible solution in the shortest period of time. After all, that’s what really counts.

Your benefits
  • Innovative applications
  • Investment protection
  • Optimum interface strategy
  • Data security and validity
  • Highly individual customized solutions
We provide
  • Research
  • Application and system development
  • System customizing
  • Integration
  • Support