Corporate News ‐ 23. March 2023

SAP Diamond initiative 2023: Award in the field of “retail & consumer products”

As part of the SAP Diamond Initiative, SAP Germany named FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH Partner of the Year in the field of "Retail & Consumer Products” this year.

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Corporate News ‐ 09. December 2022

Diversity as an opportunity – Medienwerft signs “Charta der Vielfalt”

Appreciation for all employees - Medienwerft is an agency where employees can work together without prejudice, regardless of gender or gender identity, nationality, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical abilities, ideology or religion.

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Corporate News ‐ 13. November 2022

Hamburg family seal – Medienwerft is family-friendly

"Family-friendly agency" – Earlier this year, Medienwerft was awarded the Hamburg family seal by the "Hamburg Alliance for Families".

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Corporate News ‐ 01. December 2020

24 good deeds – Medienwerft’s christmas initiative

Behind each window is a good deed: with the 24 GOOD DEEDS advent calendar – this year’s Christmas gift to clients – Medienwerft is supporting projects across the globe.

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Our Clients ‐ 30. October 2020

After website audit Medienwerft takes on digital marketing for BRUNO BANANI

From SEA to UX: cult brand bruno banani has tasked Medienwerft with improving the performance of the brand website using strategic online marketing.

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Corporate News ‐ 25. October 2020

Congratulations: FIS wins “BEST WORKPLACE AWARD”

Best working conditions and good working atmosphere: We congratulate FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH on being presented the “Best Workplace Award” and are thrilled to be a part of the FIS Group.

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Corporate News ‐ 04. May 2020

New at now: Webinars for download

Interesting content explained in an easily understandable manner: Effective immediately, we are offering various webinars from the FIS Group for download from our website.

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Our Clients ‐ 01. April 2020

Website relaunch for CAPAROL ICONS

For CAPAROL ICONS, Medienwerft has developed a B2C shop. For the first time, end customers can order luxury wall paint direct. The shop is based on SAP Commerce Cloud and is live effective immediately.

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Corporate News ‐ 27. March 2020

Despite corona virus – we remain productive for you

We can still do a lot for you from our home office: We are happy to assist you, and your customers, even in the age of the corona virus.

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Corporate News ‐ 23. January 2020

FIS insITe 2020

We greatly regret to inform you that the FIS InsITe 2020 must be canceled due to the spread of the corona virus. The well-being of our customers, partners, and employees is of primary importance to us.

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