When an online shop is not performing as well as it should, the problem could be an error in the code. The Medienwerft Health Check reviews the code for your online shop and puts it through its paces.

2020 E-Commerce News 10. February 2022

Long loading times, bugs, technical problems…for many online stores, there is room for improvement when it comes to performance. The most likely cause for this is errors in the code, which can be identified and eliminated. A neutral look from the outside helps here: As part of the Medienwerft Health Check, one of our certified SAP experts reviews the code for your online shop on the basis of SAP Commerce, and uncovers the potential for optimization, such as:

  • Loading speed
  • Code quality
  • Currentness of the system and the infrastructure

Small errors in setting up an online store are hard to avoid, just given the quantity of code involved. In fact, for someone who is heavily involved in the project and engrossed in their daily work, it can be difficult to find these bugs. These technical debts add up, little by little, and can have a big influence on the performance.

Detecting these errors and optimizing the online shop is a request that we frequently carry out. The expert look from the outside by one of our certified SAP Commerce professionals uncovers vulnerabilities in the code, quickly and at a manageable cost.


After a rough inventory of the shop and its infrastructure, a detailed review is completed. In the process, qualitative code analysis is completed, our experts screen the code for sources of errors, and a professional risk assessment is delivered. In addition, a statistical analysis is conducted with the help of a professional tool that reviews the code.

A detailed analysis report is created based on both of these reviews. This shows the potential for optimization and gives recommendations for how to proceed further. Upon request, we can assist you with additional operational services.

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