Marketplace models help retailers and companies to meet the ever-increasing expectations and demands of consumers on variety and constant availability of products. As of now, Medienwerft has entered into an integration partnership with Mirakl, the world’s leading provider of SaaS-based marketplace solutions.

E-Commerce News 23. May 2022

Having your own marketplace platform is an excellent way of offering customers a greater selection of products alongside fast and easy access to additional sellers. Since 2012, Mirakl has provided businesses with a fully integrated solution for quickly expanding their product ranges, which in turn quickly increase customer reach and loyalty. The API-based technology makes it possible both to connect to external marketplaces and integrate other service providers in your own e-commerce ecosystem.

“We believe that, in future, marketplace platforms will play a markedly more important role in online commerce”, Medienwerft Managing Director, Hendrik van Laaten says, explaining the reasoning behind the partnership with Mirakl. “We want to provide our customers with strategic support and technical expertise to help them transform their traditional pipeline business model into a platform business model.”

Together with Mirakl, Medienwerft is helping companies to expand their own product range as required, in order to reach more customers. As integration partner, Medienwerft supports customers with strategic consultation through to the go-live to ensure the secure trading of products and services between selected third-party suppliers and end consumers.


Mirakl is a global leader in the provision of online marketplace platforms. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform™ is a fully integrated solution for quickly expanding your product range. It enables business customers to offer more professional services, a larger selection of products, in addition to quicker and simpler access to relevant sellers and products. For more information, please visit



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