As personal as your business: use an individual approach in digital commerce to set yourself apart from the competition.

News 23. May 2022

Approaching clients on a personal basis has proven to be an effective marketing tool. For the most part, this entails leading the customer with specialised campaigns and sleek product and content placement to your own website or a special landing page. However, in classic shop and CMS systems, the journey all too often stops here.

The personalisation module in SAP Commerce makes more pointed individualisation possible through the integration of merchandising, content and performance marketing. The personalisation module not only allows you to create your own landing pages, but also overrides and replaces individual blocks on the page in a very targeted manner.

In addition, the presentation of the site and the products can be enhanced and expanded to include promotions. In this way, a user who comes across a campaign for a certain range in the shop can receive discounts for this range without needing to input an additional promotional code. Here, the entire portfolio of the SAP Commerce Promotion Engine is at the disposal of the business. This enables businesses to go beyond simple static reactions to products and categories and, for example, use products that are already in the customer’s basket as the basis for a discount.


Two videos from the Enablement Portal of SAP Commerce show how easy it is to edit content on a daily basis:

Click here to watch Video 1

Click here to watch Video 2

The modular approach followed by the SAP Commerce platform here has, from a technical standpoint, the advantage that segmentation strategies can be adapted to suit individual requirements.


Do you already have access to a marketing tool that divides end customers into profiles? Using adapted search logic, we can, for example, retrieve data from previously used marketing engines using a tracking ID, which allows us to reliably target even anonymous visitors.

Are your campaigns managed using referrers, cookies or URL fragments? When submitting a query to the SAP Commerce application, these metrics can be evaluated and visitors can be individually classified – without additional page reloads or front-end plugins, which could potentially be blocked.

We are happy to advise you about the integration, implementation and configuration of your personalisation solution for the SAP Commerce Cloud.



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