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Interesting content explained in an easily understandable manner: Effective immediately, we are offering various webinars from the FIS Group for download from our website.

Corporate News ‐ 04. May 2020

The experts from Medienwerft and FIS present the opportunities and special features of various tools to you in these webinars, cleverly explained based on practical examples taken from our daily work.

“Shop optimization from item data to target groups” The focus of our first webinar series for download is SAP Commerce with all the opportunities it offers for B2B companies. Online purchasing is beneficial not just for B2C, but it also gaining in significance for B2B. B2B online stores also need to offer their customers a convincing shopping experience with attractive design, target group specific functionalities, and good master data management.

In this three-part webinar series with live demos, experts from the FIS Group show you…

  • how you can efficiently design the data administration from the ERP system to the online store.
  • how you can update the content of your store without programming knowledge.
  • how you can attain a high degree of “joy of use” even in a B2B online store.



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