SAP Service Cloud with Medienwerft and FIS

Whether it's e-mail, web, chat, telephone or social media, the SAP Service Cloud (formerly: SAP Hybris Cloud for Service) brings together all customer and service tickets on one interface. Cross-departmental work and reduced processing times ensure greater customer satisfaction and a consistent service experience across all channels. Because with the right customer service your brand profits - with every contact and with every interaction.

  • Centralised data management
  • Customer communication on all channels
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Self-service portals
  • Office - and device-independent, online and offline
  • Individually configurable
  • E-mail, calendar and telephony integration
  • KPI reporting
  • Global

The benefits of working
with Medienwerft and FIS

Consultation We identify your company's individual needs.
Configuration Our technology unit assumes the implementation of the cloud for service.
Adjustment We make sure that the solution is perfectly embedded in your architecture.
SAP integration Our partner FIS ensures procedural connection to the SAP interfaces.

Everything from one source for a perfect service that strengthens your brand

From comprehensive advice on perfect adaption to the individual needs of your company to the successful configuration and integration to the existing SAP interfaces, Medienwerft - part of the FIS group, one of the largest SAP computer retailers in Germany - is achieving perfect customer service across all channels at your side.

Competence to the power of six: The achievements of Medienwerft and FIS in SAP Service Cloud
1. Comprehensive advice

Consistent service performance strengthens customer relationships - and thus your brand as well as your sales. We examine the Customer Journey and find the touchpoints, where you can rate perfect service. In all channels.
Write your very own digital success story - with satisfied and loyal customers.

2. Winning concepts

The digital transformation presents new challenges. We support you with comprehensive concepts, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and a positive effect on your brand image.
Become a winner in digital transformation - with Medienwerft and FIS.

3. Comprehensive B2C and B2B knowledge

Thanks to experience from numerous B2B and B2C projects Medienwerft and FIS know the demands of the various target groups The central data management of SAP's Service Cloud seamlessly converts both B2B and B2C requirements into the system. The solution integrates into your architecture and allows you to have a networked and holistic strategy.
We know your target group – and know what it wants.

4. Simple SAP-Integration

Our partner FIS is one of the largest SAP-System retailers in Germany. As a SAP Gold partner, FIS assumes the connection of the SAP Service Cloud to existing SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management and SAP ERP interfaces.
We know the requirements which will make your system successful - and implement them.

5. Many years of experience

FIS and Medienwerft have been successful on the market for more than 20 years. That is why our development specialists understand your day-to-day business and know what is important. The fact that we are dealing with the individual procedural and business requirements of your company to a large extent is not a challenge for us, but a matter of course.
Provide inspiring service experiences with the SAP Service Cloud.

6. Holistic approach

SAP Service Cloud is part of the SAP customer experience and Commerce. Efficient customer relationships are the focus of successful omni-channel commerce, from automated marketing to sales and service solutions. FIS and Medienwerft cover the entire SAP CX spectrum. Inspire your customers across all channels - with SAP Customer Experience and Commerce.
First-class service Satisfied customers: CRM power for your customer service - with SAP Service Cloud

First-class service across all channels -
with SAP Service Cloud.

Customer wishes come true and your brands profit from it

Service is more than a hotline and customer service: With SAP Service Cloud (formerly: SAP Hybris Cloud for Service) you give your customer service a completely new face. All customer and service tickets - whether e-mail, web, telephone, chat or social media - are bundled in one interface. In order to create a consistent service experience, SAP Service Cloud is designed for interdepartmental cooperation. All important information is accessible or can be passed easily on to specialist departments or sales. Because perfect customer service starts before the purchase and does not stop with a request: customer service with SAP Service Cloud accompanies your customers for the entire customer life cycle. Even a complaint can ultimately contribute to the positive image of your brand - if it has been processed quickly, easily and flexibly.

The best prospects thanks to the best insights. This is what customer service looks like today

Identify potential: team leaders with SAP Service Cloud always have an eye on the performance of their employees. Regular reports provide information on important KPIs such as response times, processing time and volume and an Excel add-in is available for further analysis. The intuitive user interface and practical features make SAP Service Cloud an indispensable tool for all employees: the most common email programs are integrated - so they can all continue to work in their familiar tools without having to lose or duplicate data. Telephony systems can also be integrated, so that calls can made directly from the tool while all relevant information is displayed even if your employee is offline or is accessing from a mobile device.

The trouble-free package for central customer lifecycle management

SAP Service Cloud is a core component of SAP Customer Experience and Commerce – a comprehensive, coupled and central customer lifecycle management system that spans all departments. Effective sales and service CRM is combined with intelligent marketing automation as well as customer-friendly e-commerce. This ensures successful customer dialogue on all channels – in real time.

Create a comprehensive, personalised customer experience!

Do you want to know how you can make your business even more successful with SAP Service Cloud and SAP Customer Experience and Commerce? Then get in touch with us. Medienwerft, as a certified SAP Hybris partner, and FIS GmbH, as one of the biggest SAP systems houses in Germany with gold status, are your top choice for seamless, successful customer relationships. In an initial discussion you can find out what opportunities SSAP Service Cloud and SAP CX can offer your company.