Zendesk partners with Medienwerft

More customer satisfaction – more success: this is the basis for the focus and integration partnership between Zendesk and Medienwerft. In future, Medienwerft will use Zendesk’s software to improve customer relationships and provide optimal support in projects that require a high level of customer service.

24. March 2021

The software products from Zendesk support service centres, hotlines, help desks and other touch points at which customers come into contact with businesses. Information and support queries are easily managed by Zendesk, using tickets which are delivered via various media. Be that via email, live chat, telephone, self-service portal or social media – if a customer switches between different channels, they need not keep entering their details such as email address or other information. Companies supported by Zendesk consequently receive a holistic view of their customers and the customers’ needs.

The offer of supporting customer service teams in their work and helping to automate their communications, while simultaneously scaling personalised messages in real time, impressed us. The cloud-based solution is particularly well suited to companies who are striving to achieve a holistic and seamless customer experience. Whether B2B or B2C, or even for IT service management in large corporations, Zendesk has a top offering. In future, we will help with the integration.

Frank Meier
Managing Director at Medienwerft

Geschäftsführer Frank Meier


Zendesk develops software for better customer relationships. With the products and services from Zendesk, companies can improve interactions with customers and better understand their needs. Currently, more than 120,000 companies use the software solutions from Zendesk worldwide. For more information, please visit www.zendesk.de


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