As a SAP Gold Partner, we have specialised in advising SAP Commerce developer teams and supporting them with demanding specialist issues. Typical examples of which include:

  • Performance optimisation / code health checks
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Upgrades / release upgrades
  • Headless storefront advice / optimisation
  • SAP integration / architecture advice
  • BTP (Business Technology Platform) development
  • Requirements management / requirements engineering support

How we can support your inhouse SAP Commerce team

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Long page loading times and ordering processes lead to high bounce and basket abandonment rates. Our Medienwerft SAP Commerce Performance Check involves analysing your shop’s performance and identifying potential error sources by performing a rough source code analysis.

SAP Commerce and Spartacus or Composable Storefront’s new continuous upgrade policy is posing a challenge for many a development team. Thanks to our extensive experience with release upgrades and well-defined approach, we are able to provide expert advice on best practice upgrade processes and strategies, and/or take charge of complex upgrades and perform them on your behalf.

Our SAP integration /architecture advice services involve helping you to seamlessly integrate SAP Commerce into your existing IT infrastructure. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure, identifying and implementing integration solutions and personalisation tools for optimising the user experience and increasing your conversion rate.

Headless for definite, but which one exactly? Spartacus or Composable Storefront or perhaps vue Storefront, SolidJS or maybe qwik, nuxt, wtf…?? We will help you

327 hits but not one of them is right: poor search results are frustrating and cause customers to abandon their search. We can optimise your product search with SAP Commerce, Solr and Adaptive Search – or advise you on the use of third-party search tools such as FactFinder, Findologic, Algolia, SearchHub, Coveo, etc.

Our SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) advice service involves providing you with comprehensive help and support with the implementation of your digital transformation. This includes help with optimising your business processes and effectively modernising your IT landscape to meet market requirements and create competitive advantages.

Our requirements management advice service involves helping you to define, analyse and prioritise your requirements. This includes helping you to document, manage and communicate your requirements to all stakeholders, identifying potential risks and implementing a systematic requirements analysis and prioritisation.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch if ever you just need a second expert opinion. We are not concerned about any minimum-number of bookings, but are always happy to provide advice on an ad hoc and minimally-invasive basis. Make our extensive experience in commerce work for you.

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“Many of our customers already have their own team that works on ecommerce every day. However, help is often needed, as resource bottlenecks occur at peak times or a fresh, external view is needed. Does that sound familiar? Then get in contact with us!”

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