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A powerful search function is at the heart of every successful online store. It enables customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, increasing conversion rates and overall sales. Our search partnerships give you the flexibility and efficiency you need to use your data intelligently, improve customer engagement and gain a competitive advantage.

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Our independent consulting promise

We believe in advice that is geared exclusively to your needs and goals. Despite close partnerships with leading providers of search solutions, we attach great importance to providing you with independent and objective advice. Our aim is to find the optimum solution for your specific requirements, regardless of which of our partners is best placed to implement it. We maintain a direct line to all our partners and know their offerings not only from brochures, but first-hand and through regular, personal exchange.

Our partners

FACT-Finder: The gold standard for search and navigation technology. FACT-Finder enables online retailers to increase their conversion rate through error-tolerant search, intelligent filters and personalized recommendations.

Coveo: An AI-powered platform that delivers relevant and personalized search results. Coveo analyzes user behavior to offer each visitor an individual shopping experience.

Algolia: Fast, reliable and scalable. Algolia offers a powerful search and discovery platform that responds in milliseconds to maximize the user experience.

Bloomreach: In addition to CMS and marketing automation, Bloomreach offers unique discovery solutions that guide customers through their buying process with relevant search results and personalized content.

Zoovu: Structures your data thanks to AI-driven semantic classification, offers targeted search queries with highly curated and customized result sets and thus an optimal search result.

SearchHub: Improves search by optimizing search inputs based on user feedback and behavior to continuously increase relevance.

BatteryIncluded: With focus on artificial intelligence, BatteryIncluded offers innovative search solutions with fair and transparent pricing.

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