B2B e-commerce is becoming increasingly important, regardless of industry and company size. It is not just the quality or price of a product that is decisive in convincing customers to buy. B2B-specific requirements, such as individual pricing with its own conditions and release limits for individual buyers, are now more decisive criteria.

At the same time, it is important to adapt the requirements and tried-and-tested strategies that apply in the B2C environment to the B2B environment, as companies here also benefit from relevant content and a customer experience. Knowing what customers expect in terms of service and experience is definitely relevant.

An appealing online store with modern functions, constantly updated information and services is essential in order to survive the tough competition. The logical step is to use a shop system with ERP integration to map end-to-end processes and focus on the customer.

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FIS/eSales – the shop solution FOR THE B2B SECTOR

FIS/eSales creates the basis for your successful online business with functionalities specifically geared towards B2B e-commerce. With excellent system stability, FIS/eSales offers online self-services around the clock as well as accurate and always up-to-date information. Our store solution helps you to expand your business online, get to know and understand your customers better and offer them real added value.

Shop solution made easy: fast, digital and customer-friendly
Do you want to move with the times and offer your products via additional sales channels? FIS/eSales offers you a quick and easy entry into B2B e-commerce. It includes ready-made processes, all the usual store functionalities for your online business and integrated interfaces as standard. FIS/eSales provides you with a store solution that can be customized and connected to your ERP system.

Seamless integration with your ERP system

Seamless integration with your ERP system

Faster Go Live for you and your customers

Faster Go Live for you and your customers

Backend management with monitoring and evaluation

Backend management with monitoring and evaluation

Responsive frontend

Responsive frontend

Benefit from the integration of the solution into your ERP system and the associated additional benefits of fast processes and automated information provision. The store solution uses ready-made communication functions for the exchange with the SAP system and thus provides direct access to relevant information, such as article master data, business partners, conditions, stock levels, pricing, etc. The integrated search function makes it easier for your customers to find the right product. With the integrated order history, the store solution also offers easy access to previously ordered goods and thus forms the basis for an optimal self-service portal for your customers.

Special creation and update functions for limiting the volume of data are also available, which reduce the load on the ERP system and therefore lead to shorter loading times in the store. This in turn demonstrably increases customer satisfaction.

The headless architecture with a separation of backend and frontend enables an appealing design of the web application with efficient processes at the same time. From software implementation to support, FIS is your competent partner for advancing your sales in digitalization. Together with our subsidiary Medienwerft, we are also happy to support you in the design of your brand presence and the development of your online business.

Your benefit through FIS/eSales

  • Significant relief for your sales department thanks to additional sales channel
  • Quick use of the store solution thanks to ready-made templates and processes
  • Reduced effort thanks to standardized interfaces, i.e. simple connection to your merchandise management system and product databases without any maintenance effort on your part
  • High scalability, even when managing large numbers of items
  • Identical price display in the online store and on other sales channels, as FIS/eSales retrieves the master data directly from the ERP system
  • Attractive design of the web application, as the separation of backend and frontend offers more flexibility


Additional benefits that you can offer your customers:

  • Access to the customer account and up-to-date information on order status across all distribution channels
  • Direct determination of current net prices and display of availability
  • User-friendly shop on all end devices

Selected functions AT A GLANCE

FIS/eSales is more than just a store solution, because FIS/eSales provides indirect access to selected SAP data. It therefore acts as a round-the-clock communication portal between you and your customers. The solution uses the master data from SAP and synchronizes it automatically. FIS/eSales thus becomes a product database with an integrated order and information portal. All in one solution for your e-commerce business.

FIS/eSales services at a glance:

  • Modern, responsive design
  • Personalized access to the store system
  • Catalog area with article search and article selection
  • Search and comparison of products and product order matrix
  • Wishlists and lists
  • Multi-product basket
  • Display of the availability of articles in factories, stores, branches, etc.
  • Choice between collection and various delivery methods
  • Self-service area with access to SAP documents and order history, such as quotations, orders, credit notes or invoice data
  • Returns function
  • Order entry function for the field service
  • Automated cross-selling for e-commerce optimization
  • Action management
  • BBackend management with monitoring and evaluations
  • Search engine with fuzzy logic and classification data
  • Various interfaces for catalog data (OCI), commercial software for tradespeople (IDS), external web catalogs, store connections from third-party apps, Oxomi integration, etc.

Separation of frontend and backend:

FIS e/Sales - Grafik Headless Architektur

The basis for a successful online store is the headless architecture, i.e. a separation of back-end and front-end functionalities in which communication takes place via interfaces. This new technology offers greater flexibility when it comes to using data on different sales channels. There are also advantages in terms of loading times, releases and ease of maintenance.

Are you setting up a store solution for the first time? FIS/eSales offers both the frontend and the backend. Prefabricated and integrated templates enable you to get started quickly as a store provider.

For an optimal customer experience, the frontend offers the option of building the interface using modern technology and designing it in line with your corporate design to create the perfect customer experience.

If you already have a frontend, the FIS/eSales backend can be optimally supplemented. The backend is geared towards efficient processes and meaningful data, detached from the visual requirements of the frontend.

In both cases, the connection to your ERP system is integrated. Simple and intuitive adaptation for constantly updating the store’s content is also guaranteed, as continuous store optimization ensures more traffic and sales.

Reliable and user-friendly

The basis is the SAP system, in which meaningful data and efficient processes such as individual pricing, availability, invoicing and goods dispatch are stored for the B2B environment. By integrating FIS/eSales into your SAP system, these processes can be carried out quickly.

To avoid placing an unnecessary load on the SAP system in this context, FIS/eSales only accesses resource-intensive processes when they are necessary and ensures an up-to-date database when the SAP system is under low load. This means that you can always provide your customers with up-to-date and relevant data without burdening other processes.

Thanks to the availability of up-to-date information from all process steps, your online store also provides an ideal basis for your customers’ self-service application, allowing them to be informed about the current status of their order, outstanding invoices or joint agreements at any time.

Simple connection of the store solution

The SAP system is not the only important source of information. Industry-specific platforms such as Oxomi or tools such as product information management systems (PIM) and marketing automation are also crucial for the efficient and successful design of your online store.

Thanks to our industry experience and successful collaboration with many customers, we offer standardized interfaces for catalog data (OCI), commercial software for tradespeople (IDS and OpenMasterData), external web catalogs or store connections from third-party apps. These can be used without any development and maintenance effort on your part. You can use these interfaces to call up additional information or image files from the platforms and quickly present your products in an appealing way. This makes your work easier and creates a customer experience at the same time.

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