Quality assurance e-commerce: How to improve your software with selective testing tailored to your needs

The key to robust software: quality assurance not only protects the functionality, but also the reputation of your e-commerce platform. In the fast-paced world of software development, compatibility between different systems and platforms is a real challenge. This can lead to software errors being discovered late and users being left frustrated. It is therefore essential to continuously test software applications both during their development and after implementation – while making optimal use of time, personnel and budget.

Our team of ISTQB-certified testers will work with you to develop a software testing strategy that will consistently delight your customers with a reliable and high-performance online presence.

Manuelles Testing für Quality Assurance

Manual testing
The hunt for errors begins

Our experts sometimes see more than the machine. This at least applies to manual testing, because unlike automated testing, this requires a trained human eye. By combining an analytical mind with a creative perspective, our QA specialists identify your software deficits and help to rectify them.

Our comprehensive review of your e-commerce solution ensures that your systems and functions work together seamlessly.

We subject every function of your platform to a detailed analysis in order to exceed individual requirements and user expectations.

Our QA team uncovers potential vulnerabilities and unexpected errors to increase the stability and security of your platform.

Immediately after changes or updates, we carry out effective checks to ensure that basic functions are not impaired.

Through structured testing of your software, we ensure that new developments do not impair existing functions.

We test the performance of your website under various conditions to ensure fast and reliable website performance even with high traffic.

We test usability at all levels of your platform to create an intuitive and problem-free user experience.

We test your platform for user-friendliness on all end devices and ensure that your software applications work consistently on different devices and browsers.

Automated testing
Efficiency meets precision

By using advanced test automation tools such as Selenium or Cypress, we enable time-efficient, repeatable and virtually error-free testing of your applications. Through our
end-to-end tests, we significantly accelerate your development cycle and ensure the highest quality standards for your products.

Our experienced quality assurance experts work closely with you to develop an automated testing strategy tailored to the unique requirements of your platform. We identify critical scenarios and create customized test scripts.

We use our automated test scripts efficiently and reliably to ensure that your e-commerce platform works in different scenarios and under different conditions.

Our detailed reporting gives you an insight into the test results. You receive clear and meaningful reports on the status of your platform as well as on errors and potential for improvement. This enables you to react quickly and continuously improve the quality of your e-commerce presence.

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Software testing

Software testing

Good developers are expensive. The later software errors are discovered, the longer it takes your development teams to fix them. Find errors early on with our software testing and reduce your personnel costs in the long term.



Our ISTQB-certified testers know exactly what it takes to ensure your quality. The combination of QA expertise and a fresh view from the outside results in precise test cases that equip your software for almost every conceivable scenario.



Medienwerft has been creating modern and creative customer experiences in CX and UX design for over 25 years. That’s why our quality assurance testers know what to look out for when it comes to the user-friendliness of your e-commerce platform.

test strategies

test strategies

Our test processes include both automated and manual test activities. While manual testing is ideal for haptic functions, you save time with repeatable automated testing for E2E tests.

Test management
The all-inclusive-solution in quality assurance


To ensure that your e-commerce solution meets the requirements of the market, we identify your key areas and develop an efficient test strategy, supplemented by carefully selected test management tools. In an in-depth test report, we provide you with insights into the performance and reliability of your software applications. Our test managers will support you from start to finish.

✓    Increased precision at lower costs

✓    Minimized risk of software errors

✓    Optimized use of your resources

✓    Reliable software solutions

✓    Improved user experience

✓    Faster release cycles

Into the cloud by 2027?

When an online store is migrated to a new environment, the quality assurance processes are extremely complex, as all components of the system have to be fully tested for regression.

By 2027, all SAP on-premise solutions will have to migrate to the cloud, as SAP will discontinue mainstream support for ECC. As an SAP Gold Partner, we not only support companies in the transition from their on-premise solution to the cloud, but also have certified testers in the area of quality assurance. In this way, we ensure that your ERP system and, above all, the quality of your software migrates seamlessly to the cloud.

Move to Cloud now

Software testing:
After the test is before the success

Do you lack the time or resources to think about test management? We put your software to the test and deliver meaningful reports to ensure your quality.
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