What do we do best?
As a team, everything!

When it comes to developing extraordinary e-commerce applications, creative communication concepts and added value across formats for brands and institutions, what matters most is perfect teamwork. That’s why our creative and technical people and our project managers and advisers sit at the same table right from the very start. Ultimately, our shared goal is to develop solutions that amaze, perform and sell with measurable results.

Creative agency, branding expert, system house and e-commerce specialist all in one.

Outstanding websites, high-performance webshops, intricate applications and high powered digital communications are based on good teamwork. Medienwerft brings together their professionals from IT, creative and consultancy, content and strategy to deliver the ideal solution for your needs.

Our 6 fundamentals of collaboration
1. Planning Pulling together

When someone asks us whether we are a creative agency, online marketer, system house, SEO specialist, app developer or social media expert, our favorite answer is “yes!” Since 1996, our principle, "the right team for every project” has proven its worth for both the agency and its clients. That’s why highly experienced specialists along with rookies, nerds and advisers are all there right from the initial briefing onwards. These are the people who transform the requirements needed of us into highly functioning solutions. It's not always simple, but the end product is always simply great.

Strategy | Creation | Design | Technology | Performance Tracking

2. Conception Thinking about the end product right from the start

We receive a huge variety of assignments. From websites, webshops, campaigns, banners, search engine optimization, technical consultancy, apps, and Facebook profiles, all the way to content management systems, microsites, event reporting, the list goes on and on... Even so, one of the first questions our concept developers will ask is: “What do you actually want to achieve?” A seemingly simple yet insightful question. Only once we have defined the objective can we develop campaigns successfully. And that’s what drives our team.

Strategy | Concept | Copy | Information Architecture | Content

3. Design If the idea is good, so is the result

Anyone can create something pretty and move colorful pixels around. But for us, successful creation is much more, and most of the time, it’s a tough job. When it comes to branding expertise and corporate design, our designers are truly meticulous. Together with the pros from concept development, consulting and technology, they focus on developing unique, highly-functional and attractive solutions. What they end up with is a sophisticated design—perhaps at times also somewhat unorthodox—that amazes, delights and yields measurable results as well as looking good.

Creation | Design | User Experience | Online Design | Corporate Design

4. Development Content management systems are sexy too

We don’t get why everyone thinks our IT specialists only deal with the technical side. Almost all of our solutions—and that means front and back end—feature innovative technologies. That means that our technology team is also always looking for new and creative ways to translate our clients’ specifications into reality. Using agile software development methods and through ongoing research, customization, integration and process optimization. We take solid expertise for granted, whether it’s in operating systems (such as Unix, Windows, Linux or MacOS), networks, databases (such as Oracle or Sybase) and programming (Java, WebObjects, C#, C++, Objective-C, Xcode). That applies to our goal too: implementing the best possible solution in the quickest possible time frame. That’s all that matters to us.

IT | System Advisory Services | Technical Concept | Back End | Programming

5. Maintenance All done? We don’t think so!

Our team doesn’t do “hit-and run” jobs. Even once a website, shop or system is finished, in most cases the work goes on. For us, it’s all about measuring performance and fine-tuning the results. Carefully thought out service level agreements also enable us to offer you 24/7 service with almost instantaneous response times. Whether you need patches, updates to content or security functions, we work with cutting-edge support systems to guarantee smooth operation with minimal effort at your end.

Maintenance | Performance Tracking | Ongoing Development | Editing

6. Online-Marketing So how do we get the word out to our target group?

Just because a website, shop, software package, system or app is successfully completed it does not mean the world is going to sit up and listen. To do that, our online marketing pros come up with ideas and follow them up with action. Whether it’s a matter of acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones, we follow clear performance criteria in our online marketing. Our concepts and strategies have to lead to measurable success, be fully modular and so flexible that we can continue to improve them while they are live. This means focusing both on the creative concept as well as developing tools that help our clients successfully implement their marketing objectives.

Online Marketing | Campaign Development | Social Media

Put us to the test

If this sounds like the just the right blend of IT, concept development, creative, advisory and online marketing professionals you need, we should meet up. Bring us your toughest challenges—we’ll thrill you with the results. Get in touch with us.