Marketing automation: Efficient, personalized, measurable solutions

Achieve your KPIs on autopilot: marketing automation allows you to relieve your team of standardized tasks and instead use them specifically for generating new leads, increasing conversions and ROI. However, marketing automation supports you not only with meaningful data for qualified leads but also with the rapid creation of personalized content, such as emails, newsletters, or push notifications.

The marketing experts at Medienwerft accompany you on the path to automated marketing, from tool selection and implementation to regular monitoring and optimization of measures for maximum efficiency.

  • Increase in productivity
  • Personalized customer approach
  • Holistic customer experience


Personalization with marketing automation

Personalization Individual approach for measurable success

Automated marketing allows you to reach your customers at the right touchpoints in their customer journey with personalized content. This increases your conversion rate by up to 20%!

For example: 44% of all customers who receive an email after abandoning their shopping cart also open it – an open rate that is almost twice as high as the average email opening rate.

The personalized approach with the help of marketing automation tools can be used at various points of the customer journey:

Customer aquisition

Encouraging 2nd purchase 

Up-selling & cross-selling

Reactivating migrating customers 

B2B und B2C – versatile applications of marketing automation

Marketing automation in B2B 

In the B2B sector, it can often take several months for stakeholders to navigate their way through a complex decision-making process and lead to an actual purchase. Marketing automation effectively supports this process by communicating specialist knowledge and industry trends in a targeted manner across various channels. Medienwerft provides you with extensive B2B expertise in addressing your target group. It pays off:

More Leads

Linking marketing and sales

Automated qualification in lead nurturing

Customized and relevant communication trigger chains

More sales opportunities and more deals

Marketing automation in B2C

In the B2C sector, it is important to respond to the individual preferences and purchasing behavior of the various target groups at the key points of the customer journey. With marketing automation and the support of Medienwerft experts, you can collect meaningful data from marketing and sales that reveals optimization potential. It pays off for you:

Digital omnichannel strategy

Encouraging spontaneous purchasing decisions

Automated offers, reminders & recommendations

Automated 1-to-1 communication for large customer groups

Sales uplift for every e-commerce platform


Optimized processes, short response times

The benefits of marketing automation

Vertrieb und Marketing Zusammenarbeit - icon

Return on Investment

Increased profitability of your leads through optimized data quality

Orange Icon Customer Journey

Customer Lifetime Value

Engagement at every stage of the customer journey through targeted interactions

Personalisierungs Icon


Targeting based on individual preferences and past interactions with the brand

Icon Website Design


Automated reports along your KPIs and individualized dashboards according to your requirements

Omnichannel Automation Icon


Automated approach across all channels along the customer journey

Icon Lead Generierung

Lead generation

Automated and data-based lead approach to increase conversion

5 steps to success

This is how we automate your marketing

1. Requirement analysis

Exploiting potential – with lean commerce

Even supposedly successful campaigns can have a low return on investment if the time and personnel invested is too high.
By adopting our Lean Commerce approach, we identify optimization potential for your marketing and develop the strategically appropriate automation concept along the customer journey.


Bedarfsanalyse Marketing Automation

2. Selection of tools

Find a tool – with our experts   

Not every tool is suitable for every company. The sector in which your company operates plays a major role.
An online store for consumer goods, for example, has to contend with seasonal fluctuations in demand, while a supplier of complex capital goods such as machinery or plant engeneering faces the challenge of selling its products to a small, specialized target group. Once we have evaluated your company’s requirements, you choose the most efficient tool to achieve your individual goals.

3. Implementation

Set up automation – with our expertise   

First, we set up your new platform on a technical level, create user accounts and implement databases.
This is followed by the integration of existing connections to a CRM system, email marketing tools, social networks or industry-specific set-ups. In the final step, existing customer data and lead information is migrated to your marketing tool. Our experts ensure end-to-end compatibility and quality of your applications.

Implementierung Marketing Automation
Support & Automatisierung Marketing Automation

4. Support & automation

Running campaigns – with marketing automation

Once your tool is set up, we support you and your team in maintaining and managing your marketing campaigns.
We create automated sequence that initiate a predetermined series of actions when a trigger is being released. In addition, we enter content on current offers, news or events into your automation tool, test for smooth implementation and then automate the process.

5. Report & dashboards

Measuring success – with comprehensive reporting  

Based on your KPIs, we deliver meaningful reports on the current status and the progress of your campaigns to date.
We process the resulting insights of your customers’ behaviour into the automated workflow and thus continuously optimize the customer journey.

Report & Dashboards Marketing Automation

Getting Started is Easy: How to successfully begin with marketing automation

To ensure the most economical introduction to the topic, we offer a step-by-step launch of the individual automation modules.

An email automation tool is particularly suitable for getting started. This allows you to gain experience quickly and easily. With automated email campaigns, you can communicate quickly and effectively with your customers and achieve initial success. Once you are familiar with the basics, we will help you to integrate additional functions. Step by step, you can expand your system by including lead management, complex trigger chains or personalized content marketing, for example.

Whether B2B or B2C, we will find the right tool for your company – tailored to your budget and resources.

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