A healthy webshop – with the SAP Commerce Auditing Packages

From an inventory to a detailed performance analysis to a comprehensive code analysis – as part of our auditing packages, we use our many years of knowledge to identify potential weaknesses and sources of error in your SAP Commerce store and support you with our extensive project experience.

Even if the risk factors may not be obvious, the architecture should be analyzed from time to time. This is the only way to rectify any problems in good time, identify potential and optimize weaknesses for the future.

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Auditing package 1: Health Check

Auditing - Paket 1 - Health Check

You give us half a day and we will examine your store and, if necessary, provide you with suggestions for improving the overall setup. Because even if your online store is supposedly running well and you are achieving satisfactory results, this does not rule out the possibility that they can be further improved. Our certified SAP Commerce developers will carry out a brief assessment without any major effort, whether online or at your premises:





License structure

Extraneous data types

Commerce caching

JDBC/DB analysis

Data basis

Clean-up processes


Hosting and safety

Auditing package 2: Performance Check

Auditing - Paket 2 - Performance Check

Do you want to avoid high bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment? Then let us take a look at the performance of your store. Whether it’s storefront performance, back office performance or background processes – we check within a day.

External providers

Checking the storefront performance

Checking back office performance

Background and processing procedures

Summarizing the results of the first-glance analysis

Prioritization of the findings


Database connection


Auditing package 3: Code Analysis

EN - Auditing Pakete - Paket 3: Code Analyse

From stocktaking to detailed analysis and the associated analysis report to optimization – the longest and most intensive check in our auditing portfolio is an all-round package. Over a period of 5-10 days, we put your online store through its paces at a manageable cost:

Accelerator extensions

SAP Commerce extensions

Customer-specific extensions

Design patterns

Implementation specifications

Data model

Configurative architecture

Store relevant integration

Products, availability, prices, orders

Static code analysis with a professional analysis tool



Code Smells

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Trust in the “view from the outside” – because a neutral view of your e-commerce platform shows you the potential. We help you and your team to recognize this and get the best out of your online store with our deep and broad expertise in e-commerce.

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SAP Commerce Performance Challenge - Blog Heroimage

How is the performance of your website? As part of our Performance Challenge, we go through the system with you and through certain code locations that we repeatedly identify as sources of problems. The whole process takes around 2-4 hours, and the best thing is: if we don’t find anything, you don’t have to pay anything! However, if our developer does find performance problems, we will present you with solutions that you can use to optimize the performance of your platform.

To the Medienwerft Performance Challenge 


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