Composable commerce with MACH technology

Scalable and flexible with technological design principles – because in a MACH architecture, the various software systems can be added to and adapted at any time. The goal: an e-commerce store system that is future-proof right from the start.

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What is special about the MACH architecture?

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With microservices – the decomposition of applications into smaller, independent services – it is possible to update individual components without having to touch the entire platform. The advantage: companies can react more quickly to changing market requirements.

With the help of application programming interfaces – APIs – e-commerce platforms can communicate with third-party providers, payment gateways and other services via interfaces. The advantage: new functions can be easily integrated.

With the Cloud-Native approach, e-commerce companies operate their stores in the cloud. The advantage: the platforms become more flexible and agile and can be scaled almost indefinitely.

Headless commerce describes the decoupling of the front end and back end of an e-commerce platform. The advantage: adjustments to the front end can be made quickly and easily without having to change the back end.


In contrast to monolithic systems, the MACH architecture scales precisely those microservices with a high level of usage when your e-commerce store is heavily utilized.


Your requirements are the benchmark: microservices can be individually designed and connected. But the headless environment also plays an important role. The decoupling of frontend and backend creates customization options without having to completely rebuild the e-commerce platform.


Agile development supports day-to-day business in particular with the possibility of continuous adjustments. Agile development cycles ensure a significant increase in efficiency – also with regard to time-to-market.


Up-to-date this morning, outdated tomorrow – this challenge is nothing new in the e-commerce environment. To enable you to keep pace with new developments, MACH offers the necessary flexibility to connect individual third-party providers via APIs.


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Next Step: MACH Alliance

Leading providers of MACH solutions joined forces in June 2020 to form the MACH Alliance: In addition to the founders Contentstack, commercetools, EPAM Systems and Valtech, Algolia, Amplience, Cloudinary,, Contentful, E2X, Fluent commerce, Frontastic, Mobify and Vue Storefront have been part of the alliance from the very beginning.
Medienwerft is a partner of the MACH Alliance and your first point of contact for all questions relating to composable commerce and MACH.

Always up to date

New trends, changes in the market and new technologies present companies with major challenges. In e-commerce in particular, this constant development is reflected and has a detrimental effect on stores with a monolithic system architecture. The MACH architecture offers the ideal solution to remain competitive at all times: it supports you in adapting flexibly to changing market conditions, responding to customer needs in an agile manner and being able to scale according to workload.


Your requirements – your solution

With the “best of breed” approach, the best technologies for your individual requirements can be selected and integrated. This not only gives you greater flexibility, but also increases the efficiency of your e-commerce system. While monolithic software systems offer a rigid “all-in-one” solution, the MACH architecture gives you the opportunity to build a customized software solution for your company.



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