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Account-based marketing is a critical factor for success in today’s e-commerce. With the combination of SAP Emarsys, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Commerce, we offer you a powerful solution that fully exploits the potential of your B2B customer relationships and helps you achieve better sales and marketing results. The technical and operational collaboration between sales and marketing plays a major role in this.

Personalized customer communications and data-driven sales strategies automate the growth of your business and strengthen your competitive position in the market.

SAP Emarsys B2B Account Engagement - SAP Sales Cloud

Sales and marketing – hand in hand

The goal of SAP Account Engagement is simplified and efficient collaboration between sales and marketing.

Thanks to intuitive data, process and user experience integration between SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, joint campaign development and business impact measurement is made easy.

Win-win – for sales and marketing.

Benefits sales

  • Automated uplift of own leads & opportunities through scoring of website traffic
  • Real-time customer data analysis for real-time engagement
  • More insights and faster sales
  • Broad insight and control over digital sales-oriented marketing campaigns
  • Refinement of marketing target group list directly in CRM system
  • On demand, automatically triggered one-to-one sales interactions with the sales rep as the sender
  • More success by combining target group lists, real-time analysis of digital touchpoints and marketing automation

Benefits marketing

  • Account-based marketing
  • Better targeting of customers along the sales funnel
  • Targeted sales support based on status of leads and opportunities
  • Improved buyer journey at every touchpoint
  • Improved customer segmentation based on buying behavior
  • Refined target group by sales
  • Personalized (sales reps) and personalized brand loyalty communication
  • Behavioral automated playout of marketing activities
  • Predefined tactics and strategies
  • Shortened time-to-market


SAP Emarsys offers Account Engagement, a new approach that brings the all-important account-based marketing in B2B into focus. This approach facilitates collaboration between marketing and sales and enables new forms of communication. With account-based customer* signals, the greatest possible potential is extracted from leads and opportunities.

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Content, context, collaboration – reaching customers

Complex sales processes are simplified for companies with an account level. The focus is on personalized interactions – with the aim of bringing sales and marketing goals onto one level. By improving the measurement of the respective activities, it is possible to bring both goals to a common denominator in order to ultimately carry out the company’s activities in a target-oriented manner.

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The addition of account engagement connects the individual actions of marketing and sales. With account-based marketing, the sales team has the ability to filter who is prioritized based on engagement in the store. Based on this, the marketing team hacks potential customers with a personalized approach.

The Emarsys add-on for the B2B sector enables behavioral analysis of individual customers. Via the account level, both marketing and sales can now access the collected data and, based on it, address all potential customers more quickly in a personalized manner.

The sales department is given the opportunity to influence the target group and recipients via its CRM system. This makes it possible for marketing to play out the automated, personalized marketing actions to the current recipients. One-to-one communication plays a particularly important role here, as it gives the customer the impression of a personal e-mail from the salesperson.

The collaboration has one goal: sales. With the commerce connection, sales-relevant data and behavior in the web store combined with scoring flows into Emarsys.
Thanks to the close cooperation between sales and marketing, potential customers are addressed personally at the right time. The resulting leads are automatically created for the sales department.



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