Clear success with relaunch for full-service mobile provider

Away from PHP and towards Angular: This strategic move paved the way for to achieve a remarkable relaunch. The change not only brought improved performance and increased conversion rates, but also relieved the internal team with an efficient headless CMS. A look behind the scenes reveals how Medienwerft put the full-service mobile provider on course for new success.


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2 months projectphase


  • Agile working
  • Smart Sourcing
  • Conception
  • UX-/UI-Design
  • Frontend development


klarmobil technologien - Medienwerft GmbH is the first full-service provider in Germany and has developed into a leading mobile communications discounter since its founding in 2005. The subsidiary of freenet AG offers its customers not only customized rates, but also a selection of high-quality brand-name cell phones. Its comprehensive range of products covers all areas of mobile communications and always offers a simple and cost-effective solution. Headquartered in Hamburg, the company takes care of all customer needs – from international rates to mobile Internet surfing.


PHP TO Angular

From a PHP-based platform to a modern website with a headless approach – this was the ambition of the relaunch first initiated by in August 2020. The project initially got off to a slow start under internal and later external management.

Since, despite – or perhaps because of – the large number of developers involved, further measures were still necessary to implement the relaunch, Medienwerft was brought on board as an Angular specialist in 2022. Within two months, our developers successfully completed the relaunch in a 2-week release cycle and have since continued to work hand in hand with to ensure the ongoing development of the website.

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Klarmobil - Referenz - Mac Bildschirme
Klarmobil - Referenz - Pfeil

User experience always in focus

We continued to expand and customize end-to-end testing with Cypress to ensure that potential bugs from the user’s perspective were discovered and fixed before release.

Kaan Köklü
Web Developer


Beneficial all around

Angular offers numerous advantages, especially in the development of single-page web applications that consist of a single HTML document and load dynamic content: The code base is significantly compressed, which in turn reduces the size of the source code, improving the structure and maintainability of the system. Due to the modular structure and prefabricated components, team members now have the ability to integrate changes and new content independently and flexibly after implementing Angular. Campaigns can thus be implemented more quickly thanks to the newly gained code consistency.

Better performance and a lower bounce rate in the checkout are the positive consequences. In addition, the site was developed using a mobile-first approach with accessibility in mind.

Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Full
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Full
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Full
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Full

The Challenge

From overtaken to the fast lane

The old site looked back on a long history, which is why we were faced with outdated and inconsistent code at the beginning of the collaboration. In addition, it lacked a content management system (CMS), which meant that freenet employees had to contact internal IT for even the smallest change, such as adjusting a single headline.

With the introduction of the flexible Angular framework with Headless CMS, content can now not only be implemented more quickly, but freenet IT is also significantly relieved.

Development in Angular is like assembling Lego bricks: Everything starts the same way and can be assembled in a modular fashion. This modularity makes it possible to distribute tasks among multiple developers.

Bendix Hemsen
Web Developer


Technical excellence through headless CMS

A headless CMS differs from traditional systems by the absence of a fixed front end. This means content can be managed independently of its presentation and flexibly delivered to any desired output device or format.

This form of separation brings enormous flexibility and future-proofing. now benefits from being able to make changes directly and without the constant involvement of the IT department – agility is gained when implementing campaigns and other projects.

klarmobil Case - Slider 2 - EN


Clearly a win-win:

What once started as a marathon turned into a fast sprint to the finish line thanks to our experts at Medienwerft. The close collaboration between the mobile provider and our web developers led to the continuous development of new web components based on an agile Angular framework with Headless CMS. The result? A website that not only offers users an improved experience, but also simplifies the workflows of klarmobil employees.

With the Angular framework as a foundation, the technical basis of the new website is optimally structured, which noticeably facilitates the maintenance and further development of the system.

Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Top
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - half
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Top
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Half
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Top
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Half
Klarmobil - Referenz - Phone Screen - Top

Only what users like is also successful

After the relaunch, our website shines in a new splendor and offers our users a modern as well as user-friendly experience.
The efficient and transparent cooperation with Medienwerft led to a smooth implementation. The result is convincing – is not only up-to-date, but also optimally aligned to the needs of our customers.

Hanna Feldtmann
Senior E-Commerce Manager/Product Owner

Klarmobil - Referenz - Hanna Feldtmann


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