Optimize processes and reduce costs with “Lean Commerce”

In line with the economic slowdown in Germany and the resulting more difficult economic conditions, there has been a growing interest over the last two years in making e-commerce as efficient, lean and economical as possible. We are responding to this interest with the new concept of “lean commerce”, based on the concept of “lean management”.

As e-commerce specialists with over 25 years of experience, we positioned ourselves here at an early stage and advise companies on how they can position themselves strategically and operationally in the short, medium and long term in order to reduce costs and increase margins.

Ecommerce IT ‐ 21. February 2024

Lean Commerce. Never heard of it?

Inspired by the basic principles of lean management, in lean commerce every step in the e-commerce value chain – from product search and presentation to order processing and customer service – is subjected to careful analysis and optimization. Medienwerft supports you in orchestrating your e-commerce processes by identifying optimization potential and helping you to make the best possible use of existing resources.


Areas of application of Lean Commerce


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Tool selection

The commerce process consists of many individual building blocks. These can be contained in a large solution such as SAP Commerce. In composable commerce, on the other hand, the building blocks – such as the search or CMS – are covered by various tools that are connected to the respective commerce system via interfaces. And this is precisely where your opportunity lies: as experts in composable commerce, we are able to provide you with expert guidance and support in the correct orchestration of these tools and processes. This allows you to leverage great optimization and cost-cutting potential! If a system change is necessary for optimization, we work with Strangler Patterns, an approach for the gradual renewal of IT systems. This enables us to replace your old systems with modern solutions gradually and at low risk, without disrupting ongoing operations.

Orchestration and automation of commerce processes

As part of lean commerce, we take a close look at every process and every tool in terms of its efficiency and performance. Whether search, order process, SAP ERP connection or after sales services – we examine every process for its efficiency and find solutions that allow you to use your existing resources more efficiently to get the most out of them. Using tools such as the Orchestration Engine from our partner emporix, we automate and orchestrate processes between systems that were previously isolated and optimize the results for you and your customers.


Online marketing and conversion rate optimization

Another important aspect of lean commerce is the optimization of online marketing and the conversion rate. Through data-driven decision-making and continuous analysis of customer behavior, you can refine your marketing strategies and thus increase the conversion rate. This includes, for example, A/B testing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media to target customers and increase traffic. We can advise you on the solutions you are using and suggest efficient alternatives if necessary.


Master data management

Efficient master data management is also part of lean commerce. Centralized management of product information, customer and supplier data ensures consistency, reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction. Medienwerft is also your strong partner in this area.



Lean commerce offers a pioneering approach for companies that want to remain competitive in the digital age. Through the optimization of processes, the efficient use of technology and a strong commitment to continuous improvement, companies can not only increase their operational excellence, but also provide an exceptional customer experience. Medienwerft will advise you in detail on the various aspects of lean commerce and support you with know-how and manpower for analysis and implementation. Get in touch with us!

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    Lean commerce is an approach to e-commerce that is based on the principles of lean management and aims to optimize processes and thereby reduce costs.

    From tool and system selection to online marketing factors and master data management, all commerce processes are examined for their cost-benefit ratio as part of audits.

    Our teams carry out comprehensive audits in the various areas to identify optimization potential. We present these to you in a detailed analysis and suggest alternatives. We are also happy to support you with the conversion and implementation.


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