Lean Commerce:
Medienwerft launches HABA Play on Emporix

Medienwerft has successfully migrated HABA, the traditional company for high-quality children’s products, to the modern commerce platform from Emporix. Our first project, the B2C area HABA Play, is live and marks the starting signal for numerous other successful projects.

Ecommerce IT ‐ 24. April 2024

Efficiency and significant cost savings thanks to our lean commerce approach

Our collaboration with HABA was based on our lean commerce approach. We reviewed all components of the e-commerce platform and replaced many of them with simpler but effective services. These offer exactly what HABA needs. The result is a leaner and more efficient implementation and maintenance, resulting in significant savings.


Technical innovations and smart decisions

A key aspect of the project was the decision to continue using the existing headless or decoupled storefront. We “only” replaced the backend – from SAP Commerce Cloud to Emporix. This decision proved to be particularly cost-effective and enabled us to avoid a complete relaunch. The go-live and migration went very smoothly and the customer experience for HABA’s existing customers remained unchanged, which positively contributed to strengthening customer loyalty.


Fast implementation and integration

We are particularly proud of the speed with which we implemented this project – from development in January to going live at the beginning of April. Our “Medienwerft Unified Emporix Middleware”, a product developed by us, played a key role in this. It enabled a fast and seamless integration of the old storefront with the new Emporix platform, saving us valuable development time.


Next steps in the digital evolution

Following the successful launch of HABA Play, the B2B platform HABA Pro will now also be migrated to Emporix. At the customer’s request, services will continue to be put to the economic test and, if necessary, replaced by more efficient composable commerce services in order to further optimize the platform. By the end of the year, we plan to achieve annual license cost savings in the high six-figure range compared to the previous IT landscape.


A partnership-based collaboration

The cooperation with HABA and Emporix was characterized by exceptional team dynamics and a very cooperative atmosphere. We also benefited from direct and fast communication channels that involved everyone involved, including Emporix. This agile way of working was another key factor in the rapid and successful go-live of the project.



The launch of HABA Play is an excellent example of how digital transformation can be realized through innovative technologies and a clear strategic focus. We are delighted to be able to support HABA on this journey and are looking forward to the other exciting projects that lie ahead.

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About HABA

For over 80 years, HABA has been dedicated to delighting children’s hearts with high-quality products. The company’s dedicated team of designers, game developers and book editors work hard every day to develop captivating products for children of all ages. Year after year, HABA produces durable, environmentally friendly and innovative products that make children smile.

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