Online marketing is like sports: performance is what counts

Whether it’s customer acquisition or customer loyalty - we operate our online marketing according to clearly defined performance criteria. Our concepts and strategies have to result in measurable success, be capable of modular implementation while remaining versatile enough for us to optimize them while the system is up and running.

In the website and eBusiness platform marketing areas, Medienwerft consistently draws on the full range of expedient instruments. The dual focus is creative concept linked with the development of tools to support brands and companies in the successful pursuit of their marketing goals.

The key goals in online marketing are creating high awareness and a sharp profile, high levels of acceptance within the defined target groups, generating site traffic and converting site visitors and potential customers into paying customers.

Our full service includes in-depth market and target group analysis, competitor observation, the development of dialogue-based, target group optimized online campaigns, e-mail marketing, ad-server-based media planning, the provision of advertising materials as well as real-time reporting for direct campaign optimization. Measurable success is the goal - nothing more and nothing less.

Your benefits
  • Pinpoint precision marketing strategies
  • Guaranteed cost control
  • Concrete site optimization
  • Measurable success
We provide
  • Conventional online marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Online media planning