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Seek and you will find – unfortunately, this still is not the case in many online shops. The quality of search results is an important factor in the purchase decision for the majority of e-commerce customers. Medienwerft experts can help to provide innovative solutions in product searches to ensure that your customers quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Ecommerce IT Technology ‐ 15. March 2023

Online shopping has become a more and more important part of shopping behaviour in recent years – and not just because of the pandemic. Whether clothing, electronics, food or toys, almost everything that you need in everyday life is now searched for and bought online. Consequently, onsite Search, i.e. product searches within an online shop, is also becoming increasingly important. Consumers expect personalised, intuitive and fast searches to find exactly what they are looking for.

Various product search tools have been and are being developed to meet these requirements. Well-known providers include FactFinder, Findologic, Algolia and searchHub. Choosing the right technology or the best provider is not easy. We will be happy to advise you on this and help you choose a suitable solution for your product search, and then implement it.

On-site search is more than just a field where a search term is entered. In the world of product search, personalisation, for example, is an interesting and important topic. Today, customers expect an individually tailored experience in which the search results are customised to their needs and preferences. To do this, the search tool must be able to create customer profiles, gather information about previous purchases, product reviews and search queries and present search results based on this data to the user.

Another important point in product search is the use of AI and machine learning to improve search results. These technologies enable search tools to identify patterns in customer behaviour and to customise search results accordingly. By analysing data, search tools can also predict customer buying behaviour and provide personalised recommendations.

Finally, the integration of voice search and image recognition in the field of product search are worth mentioning; the number of customers who use their smartphones and tablets to search for products via voice search and image recognition continues to rise.

Depending on the provider, the technologies mentioned above are used to achieve optimal results for users. Here are the main points about each technology.

Neuer Partner Fact-Finder Blog Preview

FactFinder is Europe’s leading product discovery solution that specialises in personalising search results. The platform uses unique algorithms to generate AI-based 1:1 personalisation in real time. In addition, FactFinder offers a variety of features such as intuitive auto-completion and semantic search.

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Findologic generates personalised search functions using machine learning algorithms. The solution has an intuitive user interface and also suggests products based on customer interests. It also offers a merchandising solution that allows online retailers to highlight their products and also offers intelligent auto-completion and dynamic navigation.

Algolia is a product search solution that specialises in speed and scalability. Algolia’s solution is capable of processing queries in real time and delivering results in a few milliseconds for millions of customers at the same time. The company offers a fully customisable user interface and features such as an auto-suggest feature that increases search speed.

searchHub also uses AI to improve commerce search, not as a standalone search, but as an AI add-on that can be combined with any search solution. The algorithm then improves the customer’s wording and translates it into the best-possible search query. Thanks to intuitive operation, companies can use searchHub like an autopilot that leads customers to the best results.

No matter which tool you ultimately choose, it is important that you put on-site search at the top of your agenda. Ultimately the success of the search is reflected in rising conversion rates and satisfied customers, who in turn buy more.

Medienwerft has extensive expertise in the field of product search and is very familiar with all of these tools. Contact us if you would like to know more!

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Managing Director of Medienwerft

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