Orchestration Engine: Efficient system networking for the automation of business processes

The market is constantly changing in both B2B and B2C, and this is particularly noticeable in the e-commerce landscape. In order to be able to react more quickly to customer needs and internal company data such as stock levels and thus increase efficiency, it is necessary to orchestrate ongoing business processes – for example with the Orchestration Engine from Emporix.


Ecommerce IT ‐ 06. June 2024

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As a business user, you quickly face the challenge of managing complex processes – be it the time factor or the lack of experience in the profitable use of corresponding solutions. Emporix has developed the Orchestration Engine to provide user-friendly automation. This makes it possible to implement automations without any programming (low code/no code). Company data, sales processes and customer behaviour are used for internally optimized processes and improved customer experiences.

Your processes in focus

The Orchestration Engine optimizes your business processes in various ways.
On the one hand, you relieve your employees in the areas of order management, warehouse management and marketing. Automated triggers are used to initiate a series of events.

For example, when a customer sends an order, this data is automatically transmitted to the warehouse and processed.
This enables efficient reordering in the event of shortages and at the same time promotes the sale of excess stock.

Your customers in focus

Your customers also benefit from an improved shopping experience.
They only see products that are actually available, which avoids frustration and reduces searches.

Does a customer need a specific product that is currently out of stock?
Thanks to automated notifications, your customers will be informed as soon as the item is available again.
In the meantime, useful alternatives are suggested to best meet their needs.

An example from practice: Overstocks

In the area of marketing automation in particular, the Orchestration Engine can help to increase performance and sales with efficient, automated processes.
Here is an example: as soon as the orchestration engine is notified of an overstock, various measures are automatically initiated. First, the e-commerce search API is activated to increase the visibility of the affected product and boost the product accordingly. At the same time, a discount of 10%, for example, is set up for the product. In addition, an eye-catching banner is created and placed on both the product list and the item detail page to draw customers’ attention to the product. This automated orchestration enables efficient management of excess stock and the immediate implementation of measures to increase sales.

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Solo or orchestra, where do I start?

In order to create low-code/no-code automation and networking, the various instruments need to interact optimally. This means the seamless integration and coordination of the various business processes across all departmental boundaries. The aim is not to replace the existing systems, but to allow the existing solutions to work together interactively.

In combination with our lean commerce approach, which supports companies in streamlining processes, the following advantages arise:

  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Error reduction
  • Audit-proof logging
  • Automatic documentation of automation

The use of modern technologies plays a decisive role in the orchestration of business processes. Tools for process documentation and visualization help to maintain an overview of complex processes and offer valuable insights into optimization potential. Monitoring tools monitor processes in real time in order to quickly identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

The Emporix Orchestration Engine

With the Orchestration Engine (OE), our technology partner Emporix offers an efficient tool that enables users with no prior technical knowledge to create and modify processes using a low-code/no-code approach. This user-friendly approach is also reflected in the documentation process and real-time monitoring.

Blog Haba Emporix

You can see how we implemented the lean commerce approach together with Emporix using HABA as an example.


Networking of systems to automate business processes without code

The orchestration of business processes is not just a technical necessity, but a strategic decision that has a significant impact on a company’s competitiveness. Companies that invest in effective orchestration tools can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and have a clear advantage over the competition.

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