Sweet greetings: The christmas promotional campaign from Medienwerft

Already a taste of Christmas! This year, the Christmas team from Medienwerft has came up with something very special: Handmade gourmet chocolates lovingly decorated by the teams for the customers – a special treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

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The idea behind it: if the agency is located in the premises of a former chocolate factory, then why not just start up production again? But it wasn’t quite that simple. In order to get the delicate glaze of fine Belgian chocolates, the “chocolate representatives” had to become true experts in chocolate production. It’s a matter of the getting just the right temperature – one degree off can make a very critical difference!
After a few test bars – which were always in great demand – the right temperature was found and production could begin. All teams took their turn in the kitchen, following a cleverly designed schedule, and decorated the chocolates while still warm for their customers with nuts, dried fruits, and much more. For a full three weeks, the chocolate elves were occupied with little else besides manufacturing, storing, and packaging the chocolates.
But the effort was worth it – the results are plain to be seen, and tasted.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and bon appetit!


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