Medienwerft realises Atelier Goldner Schnitt relaunch

Atelier Goldner Schnitt, the specialist in exclusive and elegant female fashion, is entering a new era of online sales following the wide-ranging relaunch of its website The online shop, which has been completely redesigned by Medienwerft, is aimed at the most demanding online target group: the 50+ generation.

Our Clients ‐ 01. April 2012

„Our redesign focused on creating an attractive, target group-oriented design for the online shopping experience from the first click to the checkout,“,

explains Medienwerft Managing Director Oliver Helms when asked about the requirements for the online shop.

“In this case, usability was equally as important as recognising a connection to the previous intricate design of the Atelier Goldner Schnitt catalogue.”

The precursor to revising the site was an intensive conceptual and creative phase, in which everything from the layout and functionality to the entire implementation was redesigned hand-in-hand with the customer.

The end result is highly impressive. The website has particularly user-friendly structures and services as well as an interactive size advisory system. It had also already received the “EHI certified online shop” seal for security in online shopping by the time it went live. The internationality of the shop is also ensured – the website is currently available in nine countries and 12 languages. Medienwerft is already working on extending the functionality to the other websites used across Europe.



The company is among the oldest mail order firms for high-quality female fashion in Germany. The Wirth brothers entered the clothing wholesale business as early as 1926. Soon after that the company extended its business to mail order, and this segment was continually expanded following the Second World War. By founding “Atelier Goldner Schnitt” in the 1970s, the company positioned itself as a specialist for exclusive and elegant female fashion and has since expanded into Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and France. Atelier Goldner Schnitt bridged the gap into online retailing in 2006, expanding its mail order business, and has now implemented a pan-European sales concept with the relaunch of its web shop.



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