Complete relaunch of the online shop for Ernsting’s Family by Medienwerft

Effective immediately, the online shop for Ernsting’s family has a new look and gleams with numerous functionalities. From the first design to the HTML/CSS conversion, the complete relaunch was put in the hands of Medienwerft.

Our Clients ‐ 28. December 2017

NEON X, as the project is named, was a very special project for both Medienwerft and Ernsting’s family because the online shop was redesigned in all aspects. The inventory system which had grown over the years was re-evaluated and finally completely re-designed. Medienwerft was on board from the very start, and completely reworked the online shop with a creative new design. Target group analyses were done, personas were worked out, style tiles developed, wire frames designed, layouts created. The HTML/CSS implementation in the front end was put in the hands of Medienwerft, while the technical implementation in the back end was assigned to partner Novomind.

The entire project was put together based on scrum principles. An interdisciplinary scrum team developed independent, fast results in short sprints in project room set up in-house. Every day the team provided information in a short daily scrum on the current status of the work. Using video conference, Ernsting’s family was also involved. After 10.5 months the team had completed all tasks. The budget and road map had specified the time frame – a precision landing.

We see the new online shop as “family associates”. We want to be approachable, emotional, happy, and authentic, and do so with many personalized services, advising, and high transparency. As our digital lead agency, Medienwerft has supported us along this path with their design, creative, and technological flair. New benchmarks were set jointly in interdisciplinary scrum teams. We are extremely proud of the team’s work and the excellent result!

Stephanie Wölfel
Head of E-Commerce at Ernsting’s Family

Stephanie Woelfel


Ernsting’s family is one of the largest cross-channel providers in the German textile retail business, with more than 1,800 stores, a successful website, and about 12,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Coesfeld, was founded in 1968 by Kurt Ernsting, and offers clothing, linen, accessories, and home and living products for the entire family.

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As digital agency for Ernsting’s family, one of the biggest cross-channel providers in the German textile retail sector, Medienwerft has been part of the family since 2015. For the company based in Coesfeld, we develop comprehensive e-commerce strategies in a sales-boosting UX design and put communicative solutions in the limelight in a creative manner.

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