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Better conversion, more sales: Onsite search is a key component for successful online stores. With FactFinder – Europe’s leading product discovery solution – Medienwerft has brought on board a partner that professionalizes the search function with its tool and achieves conversion increases of up to 50% in A/B tests.

Our partners ‐ 17. October 2023

Customers take the search function of online stores for granted. It is rarely the focus of attention. Companies are thus missing out on opportunities to generate more sales. This is because the search function is a key component for e-commerce companies and online shoppers alike and influences many areas of the customer journey: a good search function recognizes the customer’s search intention, matches the results to it, and thus increases the likelihood of a purchase because the customer quickly finds what they are looking for. Research shows that site visitors who use search are twice as likely to complete a purchase. Good search results also encourage customer loyalty – the customer comes back.

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Search with FactFinder and “Authentic Intelligence”

E-commerce platforms such as SAP Commerce come with an internal search function – in this case SOLR. Medienwerft experts clarify whether this covers all customer requirements in the Search Health Check – an auditing process that analyzes the performance of the search and identifies weak points. If advanced functionalities such as personalization of the search, ranking rules, A/B testing or the use of artificial intelligence are desired in order to tailor the results even more precisely, SOLR, for example, comes up against its limits. Although it would be possible to integrate the functions, this would involve a great deal of effort and corresponding costs. In this case, it makes sense to integrate an external tool such as FactFinder’s, which specializes in precisely these functionalities.

Through “Authentic Intelligence” – a combination of AI and manual control – it automatically delivers relevant, personalized results. That’s because it allows store operators to leverage all the benefits of AI – including automation, optimization and personalization – while bringing the experience, skills and creativity of their teams to search results. For example, Authentic Intelligence can help companies sell off inventory of products that are overstocked, or prioritize a specific brand for sale.

Avoid search errors

Medienwerft’s experts implement the FactFinder solution in your store system and customize the tool according to your requirements. Thanks to their experience, our developers know what to avoid at all costs during a search:

1. Irrelevant search results
For example, someone searching for “Nike shorts” also expects them to be at the top of the search results, ahead of other brands. A search engine must therefore be able to understand the user’s intention in each session, because this can change from day to day or even from minute to minute.

2. Zero results
If the search doesn’t produce any results, the worst case scenario is that the customer bails out and buys from the competitor’s online store. Instead, an intelligent search engine recommends other products that may match what a customer is looking for, or tells the company that something crucial is missing from its product range.

3. Limitations
A good search must be able to handle synonyms, treat them as equivalent for the search result, and compensate for spelling errors.

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Fact Finder - Misspelling - Blog Beitrag

For this purpose, the search function of FactFinder brings the following attributes:

1. Filtering and faceting: Users should be able to narrow down their search results based on various attributes such as price, category, brand or availability. The search should also be customizable by category, as the same aspects are not relevant for every product type: Dimensions are important for a TV, for example, but not for a video game. The use of filters should also not lead to zero results.

2. Autocomplete and suggestions: These features make real-time suggestions to users and complete search queries. They help reduce the number of clicks before a product is added to the cart and can make the overall user experience more intuitive. Suggestions can also be enriched with product images, categories that may be relevant to the search query, prices, and other creative content that helps or inspires shoppers.

3. Personalization and recommendations: Search should take into account the user’s preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior to offer personalized recommendations tailored to individual preferences. Even for the same search term, personalization can take into account different aspects such as brand preference or price sensitivity. Self-learning algorithms are used for this purpose, which include similar users or product associations in addition to user interactions.

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Other search success factors

The response time is also crucial for a positive user experience. Even a waiting time of more than one second is perceived as frustrating and annoying, resulting in high bounce rates and low conversion rates, whether on mobile or desktop. Therefore, to ensure a seamless shopping experience, search results should be delivered in near real-time. This faster response time contributes significantly to higher engagement, increased sales, and better customer retention.

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About FactFinder

FactFinder is the European market leader for product discovery and search in eCommerce.

With Authentic Intelligence, the combination of artificial and human intelligence, FactFinder understands each shopper’s intent from the first click – and can increase conversion rates and sales by more than 30 percent.

For over two decades, FactFinder has powered billions of eCommerce searches for thousands of B2B and B2C brands including Intersport, White Stuff, OBI, Stihl and MyTheresa. Every day, millions of shoppers use FactFinder to find what they’re looking for – quickly, personalized and with joy. FactFinder is headquartered in Germany and has offices in Berlin, London, Stockholm and Strasbourg.



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