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“Conversion starts with a successful search”. As simple and understandable as this statement is, the more frightening it is to see how overshadowed the topic of search is. In the initial project, the project focus is usually on topics such as product detail page, promotions, speed and quality of life features. And as valuable as these aspects are, the quality of search suffers greatly from the fact that a mindset exists here that assumes “the software must have a good search on its own”.

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The main thing is the search engine – right?

It should be obvious that the search systems included in a modern commerce system should be rated as “good” nowadays. No commerce provider today would deliver a mediocre search engine. Especially since most market-tested systems are technologically based on the big technological top dogs like “Apache Solr” and “Elasticsearch” anyway. It is the task of the underlying commerce systems not only to fill these search engines with the available data in a sensibly automated manner, but also to offer the editor an interface and tools to fine-tune the search according to his or her own needs.

But this is exactly where the core of the problem lies. Many companies do not have the available resources or expertise to handle this task. Troubleshooting, optimization, and searchandizing are tasks in their own right, and they can’t be done “on the side”. You not only have to deal extensively with your own product world, but also with the search behavior of customers and the analytical evaluation of the resulting results and click rates. Not every search is suitable for every customer, the software should be adaptive to the user’s search behavior, preferably even taking metrics into account at runtime and personalizing the search result.

At this point, with proper consulting and automation, it is possible to achieve short-term success as well as to build up targeted knowledge in one’s own company and to ensure long-term optimization of search results. Ideally, this goes hand in hand with a holistic concept in which the greatest possible potential is created through synergy in partnership.

Sales success with optimized search

The e-commerce experts at Medienwerft and the search specialists at have an interlocking concept for this, which turns their customers’ search into a sales success for companies. The idea is to create the key issues, the data basis and the understanding for searchable and controllable search results through in-depth consulting and sustainable enablement of the responsible store operators. In addition, the operators of a sales platform are often not even aware of the possibilities their search actually offers and the means by which it can be controlled. Here, too, the experts at Medienwerft have the right methods at hand to help, thanks to years of experience across projects.

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Future-proof search with searchHub

Once the foundation has been laid, though, things have to continue, as a search is never optimized to the end. An idle task considering how quickly trends and customer needs change. searchHub starts here with a unique concept to simplify the continuous optimization of the search – with regard to linguistic peculiarities.

Automated, searchHub checks the search terms entered by users and automatically corrects them to the “best search term” that delivers the best result, but also converts best. This is made possible by intelligent and highly automated recognition and aggregation of similar search terms.


The following example shows why this is absolutely necessary:

SearchHub - Blog - SmartTV Beispiel

One space here decides between success and non-success!

searchHub would automatically replace the search for “smarttv” with the term “smart TV” in this example and thus ensure a significantly better result and probably also sales.

This optimization, integrated in just 1-2 days, can improve any onsite search solution! And in addition to significantly better results, which have shown between 7-12% higher sales in A/B tests, the manual maintenance effort is also reduced at the same time, since you have to deal significantly less with synonyms, misspellings and the like.

If you want to learn how to future-proof your search with the experts from Medienwerft and searchHub, talk to us.


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