Customer focus embodied 8th FIS Forum in Laupheim

How can companies improve their customer focus with digitalized and automated processes? The 8th FIS Forum in Laupheim answers this question from an IT and marketing perspective. Join us on March 27th and get your ticket soon!!

Ecommerce IT ‐ 29. March 2019

Today’s potential customers do their research online before they make a purchase decision. A high-quality product or a lower price are not enough by themselves to motivate a customer to make a purchase or build long-term customer loyalty. At a time in which comparable providers are often just a click away, what really matters to customers is excellent support and trust in the company. This is where the 8th FIS Forum in Laupheim, the headquarters of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, comes in. Surrounded by high-performance mega-machines, you can experience first-hand how customer focus is embodied by digitalized and automated processes that stand out from the competition!

Interesting presentations alternate with practical workshops and offer you specific benefits for your business. In addition, a podium discussion will be held, with participants including Medienwerft Managing Director Hendrik van Laaten, addressing the various aspects on the topic of customer focus.

Tickets for the FIS Forum are often claimed quickly. It’s best to register today to reserve your spot and get your company in shape for digitalization!

Sönke Baumann
New Business

New Business Sönke Baumann


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