Technical insight: ADAPTIVE SEARCH

The core of any commerce platform is without doubt the search function. With its Adaptive Search module, SAP Commerce offers the perfect tool for the optimal user experience.

Technology ‐ 28. September 2020

Product-content management is only effective if the customer also finds their way to the product. If the user experience during the search becomes static and repetitive, the conversion rate stagnates.

The search function determines whether the power user is led to products in a targeted way, or whether the window shopper is shown as many variations as possible in their results. With this in mind, SAP Commerce offers the Adaptive Search module, which is able to react to the current status of the shopping experience – and this in a form that can be controlled by commerce managers themselves.

With the help of search profiles, functions such as product highlighting, value-based boosting, adjusted sorting and faceting can be overridden, adjusted and replaced – individually or inheritably using criteria such as categories and customer segmentation, e.g. on the basis of the personalisation module previously presented.


A video from the Microlearning Portal of SAP demonstrates the potential uses of the adaptive search module:

Click here to watch the video

The option to edit configurations, products and content in SAP Commerce in a staging environment before go-live also enables you to test the adaptive search settings before they are published. In addition, multiple search profiles can be created and with that, for example, profiles for campaigns and seasonal business can be prepared and flexibly replaced.

Adaptive Search with Medienwerft

The search function in SAP Commerce is based on Apache Solr.

Apache Solr is a widely used search engine, which delivers an elaborate set of features for the fast and dynamic management of results. Through the loose coupling of SAP Commercewith the search engine, it is possible, depending on the complexity of the searches and the size of the product range, to scale the Solr application separately, for example, using high availability layers and clustering. This technically solid and adaptive foundation underpins the options offered by Searchandising within SAP Commerce.

We are happy to support you in optimising your previous search function and offer you hands-on insight into adaptive search.



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