Information and service hand-in-hand

The task of relaunching the corporate website of Almirall Hermal GmbH, the subsidiary of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Almirall, came with an added task: the development of a portal that would demonstrate the company’s dermatological expertise.

The Task

A relaunch of a corporate website is a challenge in itself but one that we are always happy to accept. In the pharmaceutical sector especially, there is always a multitude of details to consider, as the market for drugs is heavily regulated and patient information is subject to a host of important legal requirements. In the case of Almirall Hermal, we developed, in compliance with all of these requirements, a bilingual information solution that provides access to freely available information and detailed information intended for professionals (the latter by login). The additional task of developing a portal containing extensive information on the topic of “skin” required intensive study of medical matters. Under the project name “Skin City,” an extensive design phase gave rise to an information-packed portal that served the information needs of both laypeople and professionals.


  • Strategic planning
  • Development of branding and content strategies
  • Dynamic content management through a content management system
  • Automated involvement of external content suppliers
  • Direct selling of prescription products to physicians and pharmacists in the restricted area
  • Provision of contact information for doctors’ offices and clinics
  • A physician’s hotline for maintaining their office and contact information
  • Regular sending of newsletters to end customers and professionals
  • webEdition
  • PHP
  • MySql on a high-availability Sun cluster

For both the corporate site and the Skin City portal, the focus of online communication is on comprehensive and fast search services. Fast and secure results are an absolute must in everything from searches for medical specialists, clinics or facilities to comprehensive expert information on medications. This called for the development of various technical concepts for dynamic content management and a carefully thought-out approach to managing interfaces in restricted user areas.

Online Marketing
Social Media


With its truly voluminous repository of information, the Skin City portal embodies an especially complex service solution. Every month more than 60,000 dermatological patients and practitioners are brought together through Skin City. With content that is updated daily, Germany’s largest dermatological archive, and direct selling of prescription products, Skin City has become the leading skin-related portal in German-speaking Europe in the space of only four years. The aim behind its creation was to provide a system of content delivery designed with an emphasis on simplicity, clarity, and value for the user even as the regulatory requirements were being complied with.

About the client

Almirall Hermal GmbH is a subsidiary of the Spanish pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Almirall. It is number one in the German market for skincare products and specializes in anti-acne, -eczema, and -psoriasis agents. With more than 450 employees, Almirall Hermal GmbH has been developing for almost 60 years effective and high-quality drugs for diagnosing and treating skin disorders. Almirall Hermal products are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world with a total sales volume of approximately EUR 100 million.


2010 to the present