Continual development in online marketing

Since 1998 we have assisted Germany’s largest integrated merchant for premium wines and champagnes in the development of its e-commerce activities. And successfully. The principle: Always rethink, always optimize.

The Task

Fifteen years of continuous support for an e-commerce project have seen a course of development of enormous magnitude. The task put to us was a fairly simple one in the beginning: to create an online shop for selling high-quality wines and champagnes. After a decade and a half of continuous operation, it was time to contemplate a powerful, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform in light of market changes, technological developments, and innovations in the field. It was a task that could be accomplished successfully only if one avoided lapsing into routines and seized upon the impetus provided by new ideas.

Medienwerft for Hawesko‒successful e-commerce IT solutions since 1998

In 2013 the time was ripe, not only for numerous expansions affecting online marketing, content strategy, and other activities, but also for developing a pioneering multi-device concept for this wine merchant. As we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the client and other service providers, the task at hand was to make the entire product catalog at hawesko.de accessible across all terminal device formats. In light of the fact that mobile use of online shops is steadily increasing and must be enabled for a multitude of terminal devices, a completely new strategy was called for—a strategy that incorporated the design elements of responsive web design as much as it reflected the specific requirements of usability and the shopping experience. We call this combination “responsive commerce.”


  • Consulting
  • Conception
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance
  • HTML
  • Medienwerft EnterpriseCommerceSolution Frameworks (Java-based)
  • WebObjects application server
  • Oracle
  • FactFinder (fuzzy searching)
  • Sun Hardware with Solaris as operating system
  • A Web shop that works on all terminal devices
  • ONE source system whose layout adjusts to the different terminal devices it appears on
  • No requirement for other mobile websites or apps
  • Functions optimized for user behavior and terminal devices
  • Numerous CSS- and JavaScript-based detailed solutions to make layout flexible
  • Access to a common pool of user data
  • Easy and comprehensive updates
  • No search engine optimization problems‒elimination of “duplicated content”
  • Independence from terminal device preferences
Online Marketing
Social Media


An e-commerce platform of this size must follow the laws of the business model, as business-related requirements take precedence over technical maintenance or improvements. In addition, a heavily frequented, high-sales-volume e-commerce platform such as that at hawesko.de must undergo continual adjustment. The use of ad servers, newsletters, marketing campaigns, and search engine marketing directs additional visitor streams to this platform. From a technical perspective, this means that there will be very few “quiet periods.” Technical updates of the hardware and applications, release management, and load or function tests are conducted on the basis of stringent time constraints and qualitative standards. At the same time, performance and availability as experienced by the customer must not suffer even when traffic is extremely high, as for example during the period just before Christmas.

About the client

The Hawesko Group is Germany’s largest integrated merchant for premium wines and champagnes and one of the leading sellers of wine in the world. It sells wine through its retail, wholesale, and mail-order distribution channels. In the last financial year the group employed on average 551 employees. The shares of Hawesko Holding AG are listed on the Hanseatic Stock Exchange in Hamburg and in the GEX segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Internet Retailer of the year 2011


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