Medienwerft develops social media strategy for Basler Versicherungen

Social media for insurance companies: what are the opportunities, what are the risks? Taking into account target group-specific communication measures in various social networks, Medienwerft developed specific recommendations for the Basler Versicherungen insurance company.

Our Clients ‐ 06. February 2016

For example, strategy and channel recommendations are to be tailored to the end users, but should also increase sales. As a result, it was first examined with which social media channels end clients and sales are addressed and what content can be developed for the respective channel.

This quite complex task required a very detailed analysis, taking into account all the relevant aspects of online marketing. After an intensive briefing and an introduction to the structures of Basler Versicherungen, the analysis phase began:

The existing social media profiles of Basler Versicherungen and the Baloise Group, as well as the social media pages of the benchmarks, were examined.

During a workshop, the advantages and disadvantages of the respective channels, as well as adequate content formats for the insurance industry, were worked out. The result was the development of an ecosystem for the optimal integration of social media and online marketing activities.

Using this analysis, channel recommendations for end customers as well as distribution and targeted content ideas were addressed. In addition, a style guide and an employee guide were developed for the social media support of the employees and for exclusive distribution. In addition, a tool recommendation for social media monitoring and social listening of future social media appearances was presented.



Basler Versicherungen has been active on the German market for over 150 years and is part of the Swiss Baloise Group. The core offer of Basler Versicherungen consists of insurance and pension solutions in the areas of property, accident, and life insurance. With a premium volume of 1.4 billion euros, the companies are some of the major insurance companies in Germany. To provide a link to the clients, Basler Versicherungen has its own sales organisations, among other things. Approximately 1,800 employees work at Basler Versicherungen. The company is based in Bad Homburg. The centre of excellence for property insurance is also located there, while that for life insurance is in Hamburg.



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