Save (y)our Sales – effective measures to counteract the crisis

The corona virus has crippled the economy. In fact, there are effective ways to see the crisis as an opportuniy and combat the loss of sales with creative solutions.

Ecommerce IT ‐ 03. April 2020

Closed store locations, reduced working hours, customers in quarantine – the corona virus has presented most companies with major challenges. Sales, which depends heavily on personal contact, is suffering under the current situation. How should customers be addressed, products be presented, and sales goals achieved? Lapsing into panic or sticking your head in the sand are the worst solutions, however.

Instead, the crisis should be viewed as an opportunity. The most important basic rules are:

• Stay active!
• Demonstrate presence in spite of the situation!
• Develop new ideas!
• Be creative!
• Call attention to yourself!

Virtual contact is now taking the place of face-to-face discussions. Use the opportunity to not only maintain your customer relationship using digital touchpoints but also to expand them, so that whenever things return to normal you can increase personal contact. Tradeshow booths can be visited virtually, and products can be presented by video. Discounts, raffles, proposals are the perfect occasions to inspire your customers, and social media is the ideal channel for this. Those who don’t want to sell at the POS should give some thought to establishing an online store in order to continue to stay in your customers’ relevant set. Effective online marketing actions ultimately ensure that your customers can easily find you online.

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